Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pastor Michael Clare Charged With Rape Of Girl

New York--A 38-year-old minister has been arrested and charged with raping a then 12-year-old girl after DNA results linked him to the alleged crimes.

Michael Anthony Clare, of West Hamilton, is accused of impregnating the now 16-year-old victim, who is said to be a former parishioner at his church in Wakefield.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the sexual relationship began sometime in 2006 when the girl was 12 and ended almost four years later after turning 16.

At the age of 15, the unidentified victim gave birth to a child, which DNA subsequently linked to the "devoted husband and father".

Clare, a native of Jamaica, served as Senior Pastor of Harvest Worship Center International, according to information supplied to us by his MySpace page.

He also wrote that he served in the following capacities:

Principal: Harvest Preparatory Academy
Director: Northeast Region of World Harvest Ministerial Alliance.
Harvest Worship Center International --Site has currently been suspended.
Member: Logos Global Network
Member: NYPD 47th Precinct Clergy Coalition
Member: PHIPA

A short clip of one of the many videos that he posted on Youtube can be seen below:

The "humble" man of "great integrity" and "a paragon, a model of excellence, and a perfect example of living and preaching" is currently in jail in lieu of $50,000 bond.

I would link Clare's Facebook page as well, but there's not much there other than a picture of a small child and a list of nearly 800 "friends".


  1. i know pastor clare personal, i think we all should pray for this man of god,remember what jesus said.he that is without sin among you, lethim first cast a stone at her. when you live in a glass house you dont throw stones, so please, all you stone throwers please stop the stone throwing right now.. apostle e.s. o

  2. This is not a man of God, in fact he's not even really a man!

    He's an abomination, a creation by the devil himself.

    This thing or your pastor, an adult, stuck his penis in a small child and had an orgasm.

    This made him happy and so he continued to this again and again and again...

    He fooled his wife, he shamed his child, he tricked his congregation.

    He is a failure and a hypocrite and now thanks to DNA, a child abusing rapist.

    The only one you should be praying for here is the victim, not your "thing" in a robe who stands behind a pulpit.

    And for future references, try to at least take the effort to capitalize both God and Jesus, OK?

    That's always pisses me off for some reason...

  3. Praise the Lord and pass the lube.


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