Friday, January 14, 2011

Police Arrest Logan Mediate For Murder Of William Smith & Victor Pennell

Indiana--A 16-year-old male has been arrested in the double homicide shooting deaths of two Camby men.

Logan Mediate, of Indianapolis, is accused of killing both William Smith, 45, and US Army veteran and father of three, 50-year-old Victor Pennell, near a vehicle in an alley on the city's far west side.

Police say the teen confessed to three individuals that he killed the men as they attempted to rob him of methamphetamine and money.

Mediate has a lengthy criminal record including battery, criminal gang activity and domestic violence charges.

Besides the above MySpace profile, Mr. Mediate also maintained three older accounts found here and another more recent here in which we writes that he is a Juggalo.

For those of you readers out there that don't know what a Juggalo is think wannabe-gangsta from a trailer park or click here.

Regardless, a Facebook page created by Mediate is also available here.

Other sites frequented by the suspect include:


  1. When the end comes I know they'll say just a juggalo as Life goes on without me.

  2. wow really people come on let's be for real here for starters it's JIGGLO meaning a man that gets paid for his services!! NOW as for Logan you have to really know him for who he is and what his life has been like.The kid a really a good kid. And people like to put faulse things out here so to hurt others and destroy lives so if your going to put things out here like this make sure you have all your facts straight and know what your writing about before you destroy someone's life!!!!

  3. Dumb ass, I see that went right over your head. Btw, a gigolo is a guy that gets paid for sex.

    I think that killing a couple of people might destroy someone's life. Logan pretty much took care of that himself.

  4. ACTUALLY it is juggalo . . its a street gang made up of mostly youths origin is from detroit and insane clown posse. . abunch of that think they are gang members but noT . . he just a small town, big mouth dumb kid. next time do your research. or at least know who and what your talkin bout

  5. ACTUALLY it is juggalo . . its a street gang made up of mostly youths origin is from detroit and insane clown posse. . abunch of that think they are gang members but noT . . he just a small town, big mouth dumb kid. next time do your research. or at least know who and what your talkin bout

  6. Logans arrest did not surprise me, only saddened me. I worked at a facility where Logan was placed by the court. He and I became very good friends. In the 20 yrs. I served children, Logan was my favorite. When he was arrested I remembered the times he sat in my office and cried and sobbed because he could never quite get it together, make it off the streets, and get out of the only life he had for all of his 15years. Logan became what he is not only because of his horrible family situation, but due to the crappy juvenile system in Indiana. There is little money for kids in our state due to Gov. Daniels budget cuts. But hey, our budget is balanced in Ind. and we have surplus money! In the past people like me were able to help kids, not shove them out the door with no services for troubled youth. Logans acts are unacceptable for any reason, but I pray for him every night.

  7. I too worked at a facility where Logan was placed. Logan was always very respectful of the staff and would do what he was told. He was failed by first is parents and then the system and put back out on the streets before he was ready to take on what he had to in order to survive. I think this situation is very sad and unfortunate.

  8. Vic's daughter (Joy)January 3, 2012 at 9:00 PM

    Hurt people and destroy someones life??!! Really? That son of a bitch hurt me and destroyed my fathers life... he took him from me and my kids (his grandkids)!! He is a fat wanna be thug piece of trash and I hope he spends the rest of his miserable life in prison and the real thugs in there put him in his place and make it hell for him!! I wonder if you people would still defend the worthless waste of space and air if it were your dad or grandpa that he shot and killed!!!

  9. i can say 1 mufuckin thing bout ur punk ass yo!! UR A BITCH!! u think ur hard nigga n u think ur slick?? I GUARANTEE u got 1 comin for ur fat ass bro! u took a dad a granpa a uncle a best friend and so on and so on... so as i said watch ur back weakling, they shoulda kept u n jail, maybe u woulda lived longer cause mufuckin boys out all on ur head so u best duck for cover nigga! AND THAT REAL LIFE SHIT LOGAN!!U fucked wit the wrong 2 , thems 2 men u definitely fucked up by takin em out and YES BITCH, u did do it! fuck u and ur stats nigga!!

    1. It saddens me for all party's involved!!! But mostly for my son whom now will never know his dad and for me I lost my soulmate because whether u pulled the trigger or not Logan you walked your uncle Bill to his death I went to the alley I payed down on the ice and snow right where you dropped him or whoever I don't care what or why I will never believe he deserved it and if he did then you should of took out all party's cuz so.e mother fuckers are still free but the sidewalks will never be safe and it sucks cuz I really cared about you and your mom I didnt even believe she. I was told it was you why? Why? Why? That has made it real hard for closer for me. And I'm not looking forward to telling myson this story!!! Flesh mY did but No neck still Rides!! I will carry him until the day I die my love you can't kill my heart you broke along with alot of others Bill was a good man you know it too!! You may not be I. Prison Logan your in a prison within yourself and I hope your own thoughts torment you as the ones you've left me with torment me!! I'm sorry u had a shit life so did I and many others but I excuse for what u did even if u were made u had a way out of that shit I will never get over this never!!! My heart will always hurt for my loss and my son's loss!!! And for Vick and Lenny who will never be the same you destroyed her bro her soulmate you took before his time you ha e left her list and that breaks my heart too!! This is shit ball!!! But in the back the back that whoever that was Your a bitch you couldn't look him in his eye killer!!! No back boned motherfuckers he didn't deserve that I don't give a fuck and if he did I still love and miss that motherfucker and I'm mad as hell I still feel so much pain!!! I use to wish you bad but I don't anymore. You have to live with knowing what you know and it can't be comfortable!!! I pray for all who was involved for taking Bill and Vic!!! I hope all your dicks go limp right before you bust a nut Everytime u fuck!!! Peace

    2. Your clusterfuck comment hurt my head. Please learn how to spell & properly use grammar. Thanks for the migraine, illiterate bitch.


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