Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Police: Jamy Church Admits To Being Internet Predator

A Sulphur man is behind bars today after being arrested by Louisiana State Police on 33 counts of computer-aided solicitation of a minor.

Jamy Linn Church, 34, admitted to detectives that he frequently posed as a female named "Hope Smith" in various online chat rooms in order to obtain pictures of young teenage males.

Although from my own research it appears that he used the alias, "Sara Champman" just as frequently (if not more) and once even posed as a male.

This all sounds eerily familiar to the case involving our last suspect and here's a similar picture to boot:

Unfortunately (or is that fortunately?) Burt Reynolds is nowhere to be seen in this particular photo.

According to the Sulphur Daily News, 33 juvenile victims from Louisiana have been identified thus far and investigators fear there may be more victims out there.

On his above MySpace profile, Mr. Church also appears to be affiliated as a boys baseball coach in some capacity, as to what that was I do not know as of yet.

The following are some of the suspected screen names and e-mail addresses he had used, also I've included some of the addresses associated with various online accounts: (MySpace), (Facebook), (Stickam) & (WAYN) (MySpace), (Facebook), (Stickam) & (Formspring) (Stickam as a male) (Bebo) & (Stickam) (Facebook) & (Stickam)

I think it's a pretty safe bet that Mr. Church used the website Stickam to obtain some of the images.

A Facebook page created by Church has recently been deleted, although his Twitter still remains active.

Other real Internet accounts created by the suspect include Youtube, Flixster and Cruisecritic.

Anyone with additional information is urged to contact Louisiana State Police detectives at 337-491-2903.

Until his arrest, Church had been employed as the General Manger for The Hampton Inn.

He was interviewed in 2008 after Hurricane Ike savaged the surrounding areas.

UPDATE: Church sentenced to 24 years.


  1. 3 of the 28 listed had 2 myspace & 3 facebook accounts. He must have had a little address book for his own self! It must have taken a lot of time to manage all that-online predators spend a lot of time cultivating these alter egos & personas. Victims have no idea how outrageous these predators are. Thank you for posting all those, it really makes a clear point about the lengths these people go to.

  2. Oh, another safe bet: he probably used hotel rooms where he worked for who knows what. Child trafficking & porn rings employ & bribe hotel managers, its a huge part of the industry, group parties, live uploads, etc.

  3. Thanks, it took awhile to get them so it's nice to get a little credit while others just simply lift them.

    I can imagine he screwed up at some point while maintaining all his other so-called twisted inner personalities.

    I had been hoping an affidavit or criminal complaint would be released, but no such luck...

    Also, keen eye on your part! The fact that he was a general manager for Hampton Inn should give pause for others out there as well.

  4. A nice posting, I think. I hv the same experience about it, but I don't know, is someone who send me message on tagged and my email Jamy Linn Church or not, but he send mail to another woman ( one of them is my best friend), and he write the same sentences on his mail to alot of woman, he introduced hisself to me as Donald Duke, 37, the british nationality, and work as captain of cargo ship. He always say need a woman for seriouse relationship/marry to every woman. While to my best friend he introduced hisself by Willy, but he sent the same picture both to me or to my best friend. His email is, and he always leave phone number +447031743605, just know I see that this is phonenumber that he got from, be carefull please you every body.

  5. I knew Jamy personally. While what he did was seriously messed up... The picture is irrelevant. Jamy very seldom drank. In the 4-5 years I knew I saw drunk one time. He was always the sober one.


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