Friday, January 14, 2011

Sean Schleigh Sneaks Into A School Restroom For Sex

Baltimore, MD -- The Baltimore County grand jury has indicted a man for sneaking into a middle school during school hours where he attacked and attempted sexual assault on a 12-year-old. Sean Thomas Schleigh, 21, has admitted to hiding out in the boys' restroom for thirty (30) minutes before choosing a victim.

After his crude request to see the boy's genitals was rebuffed, Schleigh became enraged. He stuffed a sock in the boy's mouth and began punching him in the face, neck and chest, attempting to sexually assault him in a stall. The boy fought back and spit out the sock. School staff members were alerted by his screams. After a brief struggle with the school's police officer, Schleigh was brought under control and arrested.

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Under questioning, Schleigh confessed that he "really wanted to have sex with the boy", and chose his victim because he was "small and blonde."

No stranger to law enforcement, Schleigh has been arrested for theft, trespassing and drug charges. He is now charged with two (2) counts of Attempted 2nd Degree Sex Offense, 2nd Degree Assault, False Imprisonment, Resisting Arrest, and 2nd Degree Assault on a Police Officer.

Sean Schleigh is now using the big boy facilities in the Baltimore County Detention Center where no one cares if you scream. Bail has been set at $1,000,000.


  1. Crap, this is one of the more disturbing stories I've read in quite awhile.

    I doubt he'll be given a sock in prison...

  2. The only sock Sean is going to get will be filled with batteries to go upside his head.

  3. scary thing is, i know him. i saw him at the mall a week before he did this. how disturbing. me and my friends are all freaked out the fact we let him in all of our homes. who knows what he did behind our backs..

  4. If he was caught on school property trying to sexually assault a child, he was likely escalating the risk factor that pedos get off on, meaning he had been doing this for long enough to get tired of some routine. So he likely made maximum use of any time he was allowed in homes with children, they are all possible victims, I'd tell the police that handled the case if this man had ever been in my home or near my child.

  5. It said he chose the child because he was small and blonde, well if you look at his picture hes pretty small himself, and blonde. Younger then most pedophiles, and his victum was the same gender. Sounds like he was acting out something that happend to him as a boy.

  6. does anyone know if this guy has a brother called gary and a sister called leah


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