Friday, January 28, 2011

Steven Whitley & Rebecca Kingsley Jailed In Child Abuse Case

A South Carlina married couple have been arrested after police suspect the two conspired with each other to hide the sexual abuse of their children inside their quaint home in Spartanburg.

Steven James Whitley, 41 and Rebecca Antoinette Kingsley, 45, were both taken into custody on Monday after investigators suspected that Whitley had sexually assaulted two of the children, while Kingsley knew of the alleged abuse but failed to report it.

The South Carlina Department of Social Services had earlier placed the four children in protective custody sometime in August after police determined that their home was basically a pile of crap and a hazard to the all children living there.

When police arrived at their flea infested residence in August they noticed numerous holes in the floor as well spoiled food and trash bags lying all throughout the house.

The home also did not contain a working stove nor a did it have a refrigerator, hence the spoiled food, huh?

Maybe Mr. Whitley, known online as "wolf196947", just couldn't find time to help around the house as it appears he was just too darn busy with "Steven's Lawn Care Inc" and his all important life on Facebook as is evident here, here, here, here or maybe it was on Myspace here and here.

Flixster, no? Perhaps it was his Bebo, hi5 or Quepasa accounts then?

MySpace profile #1 of James Whitley

Who knows? All that matters is the children were thankfully placed in protective custody.

Sadly, as months passed it was subsequently determined by detectives (after interviewing two of the children) that Steven Whitley had sexually assaulted two of the children, while Rebecca Kingsley knew of the alleged abuse but instead did nothing and let these horrid acts continue.

According to the Spartanburg Herald Journal:

"An arrest warrant states Whitley had sex with a child between 11 and 14 years old between Aug. 26, 2008, and Aug. 26, 2010. A second warrant states that between Sept. 26, 2005, and Aug. 26, 2010, Whitley performed oral sex on another child and had the child perform oral sex on him. The child is younger than 11."
Whitley was charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor and second-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor while Kingsley has since been charged with accessory after the fact.

On top of that both wondermom and superdad were each charged with four counts of unlawful neglect of a child or a helpless person.

Even though Steven James Whitley's countless profiles on the Internet list him as residing in the state of Florida, a profile on WAYN gives us the exact birth date (August 25th 1969) as is seen from booking information provided by the Spartanburg County Jail where the two are currently residing.

For those interested, information for Rebecca Kinglsey can be found here as well.

And much like her husband of 5 years, she also maintained an account on Facebook and was also busy on sites like myYearbook, Flixster and several other MySpace profiles here and here.

MySpace profile #1 of Rebecca Kingsley

This doesn't appear to be the first time however that Whitley and Kinglsey had been paid a visit by the police for child neglect as she had previously posted the following some three years ago on Yahoo! Answers:

"my daughter seems to have seriouse behavioral . the other day i and my hubby had discussied with to her in rooms. she was ignore to us . she screaming and kicked his pravite placement 3 rd times in row and she threwed the books on my chest hurt little bits. we did told her that , dont ever kick his pravite placement and threwed on my chest and kicked my legs. then she ran into the l. room we did discussied with her repeat she yelled and ( hate mommy @ step dad ALSO HATE DEAF) that mean she did insluted to us , we saw whole time she crewed up on for no reason . other 3 kids saw it too . we was so sad ."

The little girl repeatedly kicking her husband's groin area doesn't seem to phase Rebecca one bit as she aimlessly continues to ramble on about how much she hates (of course) the Department of Child Services:

"then dcf came stopped by to my place , dcf and cops were here for 6 hrs. they and my daughter discussing without from me. i was so upset and they refuse get an interpreter and also told them where it the warrnty by thur from the court. they ignore to us then they just left here. then next day , we went to the court. we discussed to them , we thurth what happen story situation plms. dcf lied to court made it up story, we got mad and upset...we dislike it and hate to them so very much , we did nothing wrong with it ,for no reason and unexplained nothing situation plms..."
While it is hard to understand anything that was being written, I do get the impression that Rebecca Kingsley might be deaf.

More arrest are expected in this case, according to a report by a local radio station.

Bond was set at $25,000 for Mrs. Kingsley and no bond has been set for Mr. Whitley.

UPDATE: Richard Lee Hart identified as third suspect


  1. His wayne profile:
    Build: [Rather not say]

    so many wolf personas with these child predators (& has a fellow wolf friend at wayne). maybe the twilight movies give them persona to approach children with.

  2. ...and the latest:

  3. My husband had a deaf tenant some time ago. I think because of the difference between ASL (American Sign Language) and spoken language it can often be difficult for them to communicate, even in writing.

    Nonetheless, the fact that he violated the children and she did not deal with it appropriately (or was even remotely helpful to her children) shows me that she cannot parent.

    You don't have to be hearing to realize that your home, however humble, should have a working stove and refrigerator.

  4. You know its absoloutely sad to know people would rather call names and bash people rather then dig up the truth. And that the populist is so ignorant, hate to say it but if this was a black family matters wouldve been handled differently... this court case is and was a joke; and because the people involved being deaf really didnt comprehend everything that was going on. I know first hand that the living conditions allegations were legit; but the accompanying accusations were a load of crap concocted by the two older children... the fool that prepared this webpage should be ashamed of the ignorance spewed upon this page. Facts facts facts people opions are just assumtions; the spartanburg sheriffs department bulldozed these folks. Many times adequate interpreters were never offered or assigned and they used polygraph results to convict mr.whitley, a deaf man with not the best comprhension of legal terms nor procedures.


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