Thursday, January 20, 2011

Timothy Birchall Charged In Sex Assault Of Girl, 6

New York--A 28-year-old man is currently being held without bail for allegedly sexually assaulting a 6-year-old girl four years ago.

Timothy S. Birchall, of Ellenville, was apprehended earlier this week by state police who accuse him of engaging in sexual activity with the child at a home in the town Wawarsing.

Birchall, who writes on his above MySpace that he wrestles for Bizzare Championship Wrestling, also maintained a Facebook found here.


  1. Timothy really isn't a bad person...It just so happens he got his dumb as cought up is some real dumb and crazy shit....Friends of his all feel bad for him, but in the end he did do this to himself! At all cost I guess he does deserve what he gets. It just makes you relize you never really know your friends!

  2. This timothy person is an ignorant self absorbed low life. Take i tfrom someone whos been close to him since they were babys, He deserves to rot in prison for as long as they can keep him, hope hes gettin what he dished out in there and more, to bad there isnt a death sentance in NY..


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