Monday, February 28, 2011

Two UCSC Students Busted In Child Porn Sting

California---Police arrested two University Of California Santa Cruz students after conducting a child pornography sting.

Jonathan Tolentino, 28, turned himself in and presented a letter of apology admitting he had been watching child porn. I’m sure his lawyer appreciated that. His computer contained approximately 300 videos featuring children ages 3 to 13.

Aaron Lessner, 21, with lawyer in tow, also surrendered himself to the Santa Cruz police. His computer had approximately 100 videos of child porn ranging from 5 to 10, and adult bestiality. Lessner is a film student.

Both men had been sharing child porn with an undercover detective prior to their arrests.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Emoprince" No Longer Has A MySpace...

Are there any real MySpace users out there anymore? Or are they all just simply known as MySpace losers now?

Perhaps a 20-year-old Florida man can answer this ever trendy question today following his fresh release from a local county jail after posting a $500 bond on accusations that he engaged in sex with his underage MySpace "friend" in her own grandmother's driveway.

Anthony F. Sundquist, of Spencer, reportedly met the 14-year-old alleged victim on the once dominant social networking site almost two years before the duo reportedly agreed to engage in sexual activity.

The alleged acts are said to have occurred shortly before Christmas and continued to take place even after the suspect's mother walked in on the two and were simply told to...“get decent”.

He is now due back in court sometime in April.

Five Arrested On Kiddy Porn Charges

A quick little diddy here kids on five different suspects from various states who all allegedly used the Internet to view and/or download children being sexually abused for their own personal pleasure:

I won't be posting the mugshots or pictures, but those of course are always still viewable and provided via their respective MySpace profiles and the usual clickable links.

North Dakota--

"A Grand Forks man is charged with possessing child pornography.
Richard Waldo Jr., 32, is accused of having a laptop that contained images of girls taking part in sex acts."


"A South Elgin man has been charged with possession of child pornography, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced Friday.

Ronald Lee Gablin, 31, the 18th person arrested in an ongoing crackdown by Madigan’s office targeting what it calls "the most active traffickers who download and trade child pornography on the Internet."


"Robert James Abels allegedly possessed more than 2,000 images of child pornography on computer equipment at his home when he was arrested Feb. 3. Abels was on probation from the state of Iowa for a previous sex offense."

South Carolina--

"Gary Montgomery, 31, of Rock Hill, has been indicted in federal court on one count of possession of child pornography, according to a release from U.S. Attorney Bill Nettles."


"A 23-year-old Beaver Dam man has been charged with 11 counts of possession of child pornography.

Joshua (*graphic homosexual content*) Grunewald could be sentenced up to 275 years in prison if convicted on all the charges.

Grunewald admitted to using his roommate's computer to visit gay pornography sites and eventually admitted to watching videos of children between the ages of 3- and 14-years-old in sexual scenes."

EMT Worker Arthur Evans Drugged & Raped Girl

Police in Minnesota have arrested a 35-year-old EMT worker on horrific crimes after allegedly confessing that he stole narcotics from his employer in Bemidji and used them to drug and then rape a 13-year-old girl while babysitting the teen at her home.

Arthur Austin-Ellis Evans, of Hackensack, told investigators that he also sexually abused other children as well, including taking pictures and videos of himself touching various young kids and installing hidden cameras to record girls in his bathroom.

Evans, who had been employed by the Bemidji Ambulance Service Inc., reportedly had been contemplating stealing expired narcotics for some time with the intention of knocking out and then sexually abusing children.

According to the Minnesota Star-Tribune:

"Evans said he saw his chance to carry out his scheme when he was baby-sitting the girl and her two siblings while their parents were at work."

He then succeeds with his evil plans:

"He said he told the girl he was "gonna pinch her bottom" but instead injected her with a drug used on people heading into surgery. He then raped her for several minutes until she awakened."

Bail was set at $250,000 for the divorced "proud parent" who had written on his above MySpace profile that he had hopes one day of becoming a high school math teacher.

Evans also reportedly told detectives that he had been "addicted to child pornography since the Internet was invented".

A private account on Facebook maintained by the suspect can also be found by clicking here.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Bondage and Bestiality Child Porn Gets Frank Foster Busted

Mesa, AZ----- Child porn doesn't get any nastier than this, little girls depicted in bondage and bestiality scenes, but that's what floats the boat of a 60-year-old Mesa man recently arrested by police.

Frank Morgan Foster
has been charged with 10 felony counts of sexual exploitation of minors after child porn was traced to his home computer. During the interview, he admitting that he has been downloading child porn for the past 10 years, and his victims of choice are between the ages 5 to 8.

Foster was also interviewed about 2006 investigation where he was caught downloading child porn on his work computer. The original investigation went south when the investigating officer retired. Hambeast admitted his guilt to that as well.

Charges are expected to be filed in Maricopa County in the 2006 case.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

High School Robotics Coach, Carl Agnew, Busted For Child Porn

Indiana ---- A West Layfayette High School robotics coach is now in custody for the distribution of child porn.

Carl Ross Agnew, 27, was arrested after a joint investigation by the FBI's Cyber Crime Task Force and the Kokomo City Police department.

MySpace deleted, Facebook, Twitter, eBlog and CrazyCarl461

According to a probable cause affidavit, Agnew -- using the name "Brighteyedboy" -- was logged onto a peer-to-peer network on Sept. 28, 2010, that allowed others to access his shared directories.

An FBI agent connected to Agnew's files and downloaded 234 photos -- 196 of them showing prepubescent boys in various sexual scenarios.

Agnew is further suspected of collecting "thousands" of such photos and storing them on an encrypted computer drive.

Carl Agnew is being held in federal custody without bond. The future of robot Rowdy 12 is unknown.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Joseph Layland Arrested For Invasion Of Privacy And Child Porn

Malden, MO ---- The owner of D.J.'s Tan & Tone was arrested after secretly recorded women at his salon. A woman discovered the lens of a camera, behind a hole in the wall and contacted police.

Wily entrepreneur, Joseph Frank Layland , 37, would contact females through MySpace and FaceBook offering great deals, many times free, to come tan at his salon. As always, if something sounds too good to be true, there's usually a catch.

MySpace: mrjoey37

Further investigation revealed massive amounts of pornography. Approximately 40 tapes recorded from the tanning salon were found, and in a separate stash, Layland had 1500 videos, many depicting child porn. The chief of police believes this could be one the largest child porn busts in the state of Missouri.

Layland is now currently charged with felony Child Pornography and felony Invasion of Privacy. He is being held on a $500,000 bond in Dunklin County Jail.

Dennis Colley, Registered Sex Offender, Is At It Again

Carroll County, GA ------ A registered sex offender has been arrested for molesting seven boys, ages 10 to 15. Two more victims have since stepped forward.

Dennis Eugene Colley, 41, is no stranger to being arrested for sexual assault. His crimes of choice began in 1992. He previously served four years in prison for three counts of first degree sexual abuse after being convicted.

After Collie was released from prison in 1997, he was arrested in 1998, once again for a sex crime. The Sheriff can't recollect the disposition of '98 arrest. Something about lost files. Huh?

Why was this Hambeast still out on the streets? None of the neighbors knew he was a RSO.

Collie is chilling in Carroll County Jail with no bond. He has been charged with aggravated child molestation and more charges are expected to be filed.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Marilyn Orange Taken In On Rape Charges

A 47-year-old Alabama mother has been charged with 4 counts of rape after police say she engaged in sexual activity with several juveniles between the ages of 13 and 15.

Marilyn Acosta Orange, of Tuscaloosa, was taken into custody after investigators spoke with her regarding the allegations which are said to have taken place since November.

On one of her two MySpace profiles, Orange had once written the following:

"Originally from Kauai, Hawaii. Born and raised in Hawaii, after I graduated from High School, joined the military and served our country for thirteen years, got out and served another twelve years in the Army Reserve, but I'm still not retired. Married to my second husband for 5 years and have five beautiful children."

Who would have thought, huh kids?

Besides the above MySpace page, she also maintained another profile found here as well as an account over on Facebook here.

Orange is now currently being held on $120,000 bond.

GLBT Director Nathan Bowen Charged With Molestation

Police in Oklahoma have arrested the director of a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered center located in Enid on accusations that he molested a young child.

Nathan Robert Bowen, 32, was apprehended by officers earlier today following the alleged incident that is believed to have occurred sometime on Sunday.

Bowen writes on his above Myspace profile that he is the founder of the PFLAG Enid group as well as the Enid UU group.

He also writes that he worked as a substitute teacher for a short period in 2006.

A Facebook page created by Mr. Bowen can also be found by clicking here as well as accounts on both Youtube & Twitter.

UPDATE: Bowen admits sexual conduct with 15-year-old at center.

Aspiring Model, Paula Ferdkoff, Charged With Making Child Porn

Lincolnshire, IL ---- An aspiring model sought to enhance her portfolio with some erotic girl-on-girl photos.

Paula Ferdkoff, 19, convinced a 14-year-old to partner up with her to create some erotic photos at Digital Effects studio in Lincolnshire. All went well until the girl's mother discovered the nude photos a month later and started to complain to Ferdkoff.

Ferdkoff, not remotely close to being a Rhodes Scholar, didn't appreciate being bitched at so she called the cops to complain that the victim's mother was harassing her over the photo shoot. However, police were more interested in what the not-so-hot model had been doing with a minor.

Ferdkoff was arrested and faces two felony counts for soliciting a minor to engage in child pornography and two felony counts of possession of child porn.

The good folks at Digital Effects Studio are sensing danger and have disconnected their phone. The photographer is now under investigation.

Music Education Major Arrested For Child Porn

Naperville, IL---- Kyle D. Gore, 23, came to the attention of law enforcement after they received a tip that he was allegedly looking for sexual encounters with children using AOL screen name kdg31097.

The AOL account was tracked back to Gore and a search warrants were issued. A forensic computer analyst discovered numerous images of child porn.

Gore, a music education major at the College of DuPage, has been charged with three (3) counts of aggravated child pornography, a felony, and is currently out on a $500,000 bond. Good luck with getting that music teaching job now Buddy.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Robert S. Roth: Charges Dropped

Charges dropped...

*No article to link (aoy)**

The Perv Files: Child Porn Arrests

Leesburg, GA---- Erik Arne Sandal, 19, was arrested for child porn after images of "naked young girls between the ages of 11 and 13 years of age," were found on his computer while in the shop. When he arrived to pick up his computer, an investigator was waiting for him. Sandal has been charged with one count of child pornography and one count of exploitation of a child.

Orange City, FL
--- Erick Landry, 22, was arrested after a search warrant was executed at his home. His laptop computer was found to have child porn, which he admitted to having downloaded. Landry is now in Volusia county Branch Jail on $10,000 bail. The investigation is ongoing and more charges are likely.

MySpace: whhhap and Facebook

Tampa, FL
---- Lovell Stephens, 66, is facing 14 felony charges for possession of child porn. He admitted to downloading the images of children, ages 1 to 13 years, engaged in sexual acts. He is in the Orient Road Jail on $105,000 bond. Deputies are continuing the investigation by further reviewing his computer.

MySpace: qpstephens

Robert Kerr Indicted On Child Rape Charges

A 40-year-old Alabama man has been indicted by a grand jury on child rape charges following accusations that he repeatedly assaulted a young child believed to be less than the age of 12.

Robert Gaylord Kerr, of Fairhope, has been charged with two counts of first degree rape, sexual abuse, sodomy and other charges after being arrested on February 14th.

He is now currently residing at the Baldwin County Corrections Center in lieu of an $800,000 bond.

Besides the above MySpace profile, Kerr also maintained another account on MySpace and a profile on Facebook can also be accessed here as well.

Daniel Sabo Taken Into Custody For Child Porn

Police in Wisconsin have arrested a 42-year-old man on charges that he possessed numerous amounts of both images and videos of child pornography.

The suspect, Daniel James Sabo, was apprehended by officers after they served a search warrant at his home in Cable and took with them his computer.

Sabo reportedly admitted to police that he purposely downloaded and viewed the illicit material and has since been charged with 10 counts of possession of child pornography.

According to a criminal (*graphic*) complaint, one video purports to show an adult male struggling to insert his penis inside a 1-year-old girl while another clip identifies a young child performing oral sex on an "unknown animal".

Besides his above MySpace page, Mr. Sabo also maintained an active profile on Facebook found here and an account on Stickam found here as well.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Corie Hilliard Confesses To Repeated Rape Of Child

A 28-year-old married Pennsylvania man has been arrested by police on rape and assault charges involving a young girl.

Corie Rex Hilliard, of West Salisbury, allegedly confessed to investigators that he repeatedly molested the victim over the past year because he was curious to see how she would react.

During the interview, Hilliard also told officers he assaulted the girl in several different ways and about once a week.

He has been charged with rape of a child, indecent assault of a person less than 13 years of age, aggravated indecent assault, indecent assault and child pornography.

Police: Aaron Wagers Killed Megan Rider Then Self

Indiana--A 36-year-old man who had been awaiting trial on accusations that he molested a child under the age of 14 is now dead after killing both himself and his fiancee at a home in the densely populated town of Chesterfield.

Police believe Aaron Lee Wagers shot and killed 25-year-old Megan Louise Rider sometime during the early morning hours on Sunday, February 13th.

The bodies were discovered by Rider's own father after arriving home (the two had been living there) from work around 6:30 a.m.

While police are unaware of any motive at this time, it is known that Wagers had been released from jail earlier this month after posting a $35,000 bond on charges that he engaged in both sexual intercourse and oral sex with a young girl between 2007 and 2009.

MySpace profile of Aaron Wagers

On his above MySpace profile, Wagers ("Sunwolf420") writes that he was an amateurish filmmaker and claims that he had been contacted by a major film studio interested in something he had been working on entitled, "Hubris: The Weekend Of Malcontent".

He then describes the meaning of the movie:

"Hubris means extreme haughtiness or arrogance. Hubris often indicates being out of touch with reality and overestimating one's own competence or capabilities, especially for people in positions of power.

Wagers continues:

"In its modern usage, hubris denotes overconfident pride and arrogance; it is often associated with a lack of humility, not always with the lack of knowledge. An accusation of hubris often implies that suffering or punishment will follow..."

And then goes on some more still:

"The Malcontent is a character type often used in early modern drama. The character is discontent with the social structure and other characters in the play. The most important thing about the malcontent, is that he is malcontent—unhappy, unsettled, displeased with the world as he sees it—not at ease with the world of the play in which he finds himself, eager to change it somehow, or to dispute with it. He is an objective or quasi-objective voice that comments on the concerns of the play and comments as though he is somehow above or beyond them.
Let's break some of this crap down then:

1. Unhappy and displeased.
2. Overconfident and arrogant.
3. Out of touch with reality and a lack of humility.
4. A sense of superiority who is beyond others.

Perhaps Mr. Wagers wasn't really describing the film as he was so much himself, huh?

After all, suicide is bad enough and undeniably selfish, but to voluntarily take another person's life is simply a monstrous act.

Wagers created this horror and the ripple effect born from it will no doubt alter both families for years to come.

One thing is for sure, "suffering or punishment will follow".

He did have that right...

At the time of her death, Rider had been employed as a caregiver and was attending Ivy Tech Community College.

She leaves behind numerous family members, friends and her ever loving dog "PJ".

Film Producer Pleads Guilty In MySpace Molestation

California--A 62-year-old film producer who nobody has ever heard of until now and whose credits include "Dead End" and "Mustang Sally's Horror House" has plead guilty to molesting a teenage girl he met using MySpace.

Iren Koster, of Beverly Hills, sexually assaulted the girl in his car and at her home in 2007 when she was either around 15 or 16.

He initially met the girl over the once dominant social networking website when she was just 14 years old.

He is now facing up to 5 years in prison.

Alleged MySpace Molester Arrested

Police have arrested a 41-year-old California man after being on the run for 3 months following accusations that he molested a 16-year-old boy that he befriended using MySpace.

Jeffrey McPherson, of La Mesa, failed to appear for court in December on the child molestation charges and had been on the run ever since.

He is accused of molesting the minor over a 9 month period.

Ghost Buster Jason Bidondi Gets Busted For Child Porn

Great Falls, RI ----- Jason Bidondi ain't afraid of no ghost.... or getting busted by Operation Safe Child. The Great Falls ghost buster/hunter/whatever has been indicted by a federal grand jury for the possession and distribution of child porn.

Ghost bustin' and radio hostin'

Bidondi, 35, runs a ghost hunting group called the Valley Rangers Paranormal Investigators. Besides hosting 'The Paranormal Hour' radio show on Monday nights, he is looking for a gal who likes to hang out in cemeteries late at night. You guys are kidding, right?

The ghost hunter has four (4) MySpace accounts, vrparanormal, vrparanormal1975, slayer1975 and a throwdown here.

Facebook is valley_rangers

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Former Clark Co. School District Employee Arrested For Child Porn

Henderson, NV ---- The former spokesman for the Clark County School District, and Vegas PBS host, has been arrested for possession of child pornography.

Ray Willis, 63, is being held in the Henderson Detention Center and is facing 14 charges. Police are not releasing any details. Bond has been set at $140,000.

Willis also developed and worked as the host for "Inside Education" on Vegas PBS until 2009. His resume, which looks pretty impressive, can be found on LinkedIn.

Willis goes by the handle 'VegasBrock' on his MySpace. His website can be found on Vegas Community Online, and he writes 'The Ray Willis report' for the Lincoln Echo.

MySpace Date Leads To Arrest

California--A 19-year-old man has been arrested in Florida have traveling to the "Sunshine State" to have sex with a 14-year-old girl he met using MySpace.

Brandon Neece, of Hesperia, was taken into custody on Sunday after the girl's parents walked in on the two in her room at a house in Brandon.

Neece has been charged with one count of lewd or lascivious battery.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Paul Vergon Advertised For 'Unusual Threesome' On Craigslist

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Kent, WA ---- Law enforcement's interest was piqued when they came across a Craigslist personals ad from a man "seeking unusual threesome".

Seattle Detective Tye Holand answered the ad pretending to be a father who was willing to hook Paul W. Vergon, 29, up with his fictitious wife and 13-year-old daughter.

Vergon agreed to the meeting and described in graphic detail what he intended to do to the girl.

Thinking he must've won the lottery, Pervegon arrived for the big event with a 'dozen condoms and other items'. He was met by Det. Holand, who was supposed to be there to make introductions to the other two-thirds of the mother-daughter threesome. Busto.

Vergon, who goes by the nickname 'Paulie', admitted he intended to have sex with the fictitious girl and would have had she arrived. He has been charged with attempted second-degree child rape and is now out on a $25,000 bond.

Band Director, Jamie Birdwell, Arrested For Being Obscene With Students

Filed under: Hey Teacher, Leave Them Kids Alone

Lynn Haven, FL ---- A. Crawford Mosley High School band director, Jamie Birdwell, 37, has been charged with four counts of exhibiting obscene material to a child.

The hands-on (cos he can't keep his hands off) band director has long been pestering male students for nude photos, especially close ups, and having them strip. Birdwell told his victims that they were like "sons" to him.

The claims against Birdwell suggest a pattern of inappropriate behavior over a period of years. In interviews with police, students alleged that Birdwell:

• Requested and obtained nude photographs of male students, and allowed them to use his cell phone camera for that purpose;
• Kept a photo album containing photos of nude males – some identified as students – at his home;
• Used profanity and shared sexually explicit stories with students;
• Gave massages to students;
• Touched students’ genitals; and,
• Showed gay pornography to students.

Now out on bond, Birdwell has resigned his position after the school board suspended him without pay.

LE really did their homework on this one. Slimey details begin on page 6 of the 31 page affidavit.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dressed In Army Uniform, Troy Lester Got Into His Chevy Aveo...

To meet his fake child date for sex:

Here's a little diddy I missed via the AZICAC:

"Troy Charles Lester, age 33, was arrested for luring a minor for sexual exploitation."
Police say Lester (the would-be molester) was under the impression he was going to engage in sexual activity with a 15-year-old child.

"The arrest occurred after Lester made arrangements via the Internet to meet a minor for sex acts."
The now 34-year-old Iraqi war veteran told the imaginary minor that he would like to "do some licking and sucking" and show the (undercover detective poser) "new things" but was weary about it all because he could "get into a lot of trouble."

The pervy self-admitted "proud parent" was arrested after arriving at a fast food restaurant for what I'm sure would have been a lovely meal for two.

He then allegedly began to write an apology letter to the parents of the child who thankfully never existed...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

EMT Worker Corey Crocker Busted In Net Sex Sting

South Carolina--A 31-year-old EMT worker has been charged with solicitation of a minor and dissemination of obscene material to a minor after police accused him of soliciting sex online from someone whom he believed to an underage child.

Corey Damon Crocker, of Pendleton, reportedly sent both graphic pictures and engaged in sexually explicit conversations as well with an undercover officer in Greenville who had been posing as the minor online.

Crocker, who is both a husband of three years and a father, had also been a emergency medical technician employed by the Medshore Ambulance Service, according to various news sources and his above MySpace profile.

He has since been released on a $20,000 bond.

A Facebook page created by Crocker can also be accessed by clicking here.

Jacen Wargo Used His Grandmother's Computer For Kiddy Porn

A 23-year-old Pennsylvania man has been arrested on accusations that he downloaded child pornography on his grandmother’s computer.

Jacen Robert Wargo, of Duquesne, reportedly confessed to police that he used his grandmother's computer in West Miffin to knowingly download the material.

He was arraigned on Friday and is now currently being held at the Allegheny County Jail.

Gymnastics Coach, Jeremy Waldridge, Arrested For Child Porn

Update: Feb 23, 2011

When he was first arrested, Waldridge posted bail and was released. But today, the judge increased his bail from $30,000 to $270,000, so he’s back in jail

Aloha, OR ---- A cheer/gymnastics coach has been arrested and charged with possessing child porn after an investigation revealed he had been downloading graphic material from the internet.

Jeremy Brandon Waldridge, 32, is also the owner of Top Notch, which offers classes for childrens' cheerleading, trampoline and tumbling, to sleepovers, field trips and parent's night out.

MySpace: Fasade
Facebook: Personal and Business

During the investigation detectives became exceedingly concerned when they learned that Mr. Waldridge runs a private company geared for young children and teens. Detectives learned that Mr. Waldridge and members of his staff have visited local grade schools in the Hillsboro School District and put on demonstrations for the children. According to the Top Notch Facebook page, Waldridge attends sleep away retreats and all nighters with his students, who are mostly female and well underage.

New information on Facebook states that gym is now closed due to reorganization. Well, I reckon so. Parents are not amused and police are now asking for the public's help in identifying possible victims.

Friday, February 11, 2011

DNA Links John Shackelford To Rape From 2006

Florida--A Polk City man has been arrested after being accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a park in 2006.

John Carter Shackelford, 28, was apprehended after officers recovered a DNA sample from a recent burglary case last year.

The DNA matched according to detectives who say the suspect had been involved in several burglaries throughout the area.

Mr. Shackelford, who uses the screen name "crazyhillbillyboy" and writes that he is married on his above MySpace, also maintained another account found here.

Phillip Abernathy & Connor Greenwall Arrested For Kid Porn

Two 18-year-old Colorado men were both taken into custody on February 9th after police served search warrants at their homes and took with them their personal computers.

Both Phillip Jess Abernathy, of Castle Rock and Connor James Greenwall, of Highlands Ranch, allegedly used a p2p network to distribute the illicit material over the Internet with other pervy users.

MySpace profile of Phillip Abernathy

Greenwall posted a $40,000 bond and was subsequently released, Abernathy however still remains at the Douglas Count Jail in lieu of the same amount.

Abernathy, a recent military school graduate, had written on his myYearbook that he was on probation and had to take a monthly drug test:

"Goin through a difficult time in my life right now, if i mess up again im facing half a year of jail, trying my best to stay out of trouble. Graduated military school in May of 2010, i go to metro studying aviation to be a pilot, but with my *** damned record ill probably end up changing to somethin else."
He details this more on his personal blog.

Sucks to be him I guess...

MySpace profile of Connor Greenwall

The investigation had begun in December and the cases are said to be unrelated with each other, according to a report.

These recent arrests follow another Denver Post article stating the obvious...these types of crimes are growing in numbers everywhere.

Sadly the only thing decreasing in any of this are the age of the victims...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Church Counselor, Marcelino Tinajero, Arrested For Sex With Teen

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Porter Ranch, CA--- A youth counselor at Shepherd of the Hills Church in Porter Ranch has been arrested after allegedly having a six month sexual relationship with a 15-year-old female parishioner.

Marcelino Tinajero, 33, has been charged with 30 felony counts of sex crimes against a minor. He had volunteered with the church for almost a year and a half.

Tinajero's has a MySpace and a Facebook, both smack of narcissistic goodness. He's "Living An ExtraOrdinary Life!!" while he sells Amway on his website, and is a staff member of with So Cal Warriors Baseball. As an added bonus, you can find his Photobucket here.

Police believe the Porter Ranch Predator may have more victims.
Tinajero is being held in lieu of $600,000 bail.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stephen Bubniak Busted In Online Sex Sting

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New Jersey -- A Florham Park CPA is facing more charges of luring and attempted endangering of a child after being arrested for second time after an online sex sting.

Stephen V. Bubniak, 56, had been sexually chatting with officers posing as a 14-year-old girl online. He wanted to meet for sex. The same officers chatted with him again, this time as a 13-year-old girl, who he tried to hook up with as well.

On January 30th, Bubniak set up meeting for what he thought was going to be a sexual encounter with the 14-year-old. He arrived at Mays Landing and found himself surrounded by cops, and the only getting off would be at the prisoner's unloading zone at Atlantic County Jail.

Bubniak is now being held on a $250,000 cash bail.

Ian Kessinger Is Sorry He Went Berzerk On His Baby

Nitro, WV----A six-week-old baby boy has been left with a skull fracture, a broken collar bone and broken bones in his left wrist. It was also determined that he had been shaken.

Ian Gary Kessinger
, 30, the father of the battered baby, was taken into custody. He admitted becoming angry with his son and losing his temper on three separate days, shaking him because he wouldn't stop crying or eat, and jerking him around without supporting his head.

Kessinger in court

Kessinger blames his drug addiction and stress. He laments, "It's the worst thing I've ever done. If I could take it back, I'd take it back in a heartbeat." They all say that you bum.

Kessinger is now charged with felony child abuse resulting in injury, and faces 2 - 10 years if convicted. He is in the South Central Regional Jail in lieu of a $75,000 cash bond.

Pastor Royce Shorter Arrested For Rape Of Child

A Washington minister and music teacher has been arrested on rape and molestation charges after allegedly forcing himself on a 15-year-old piano student.

The suspect, Royce Clinton Shorter, reportedly had been hitting on the girl during her $37.50 an hour lessons at his N-Time Music Productions studio and store for some time before ultimately coercing her into having sex.

The 15-year-old victim told investigators that he assaulted her on at least five different occasions.

Shorter, who was convicted in 1985 of statutory rape involving a 12-year-old, had also been charged (but later acquitted) of molesting another girl back in 1993.

Before being arrested, he had been the pastor at the Ecclesia Community Church in Renton.

While Shorter's MySpace profile has since been set to private, he also maintained an account over on Facebook found here as well as several other personal sites on the web found here and here.

On them, the good reverend boast about being the executive director of RCS Ministries, an HIV/AIDS and prison outreach ministry that had been formerly stationed in Seattle.

Also of interest, the 53-year-old had previously been featured on a positive note several years ago by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Police Arrest Stephen Gentry In Child Porn Case

Police in North Carolina have arrested a Wilmington man after they say he received numerous pictures and videos containing child pornography over the Internet.

Stephen Craig Gentry, 28, was taken into custody on 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.

He is now currently residing at the New Hanover County jail in lieu of $510,000 bond.

Investigators say the material in question contained children as young as 6 engaged in sexual activity.

Besides the above MySpace profile, Mr. Gentry also maintained an account on Facebook found here.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

MySpace Contact Leads To Charges

A 28-year-old Massachusetts man is currently behind bars today after sending a sexually explicit photo of himself to a 14-year-old girl using MySpace.

Jarod Charles Coady, of Hudson, has been charged with sending obscene matter to a minor following the alleged incident that took place in October.

The NCMEC reportedly tipped off local police that Coady had used the social networking website to send the photo to the girl who lived in Kansas.

Coady's original MySpace (and probably the one in question) has since been deleted, however he also maintained another profile here as well as an account on Facebook found here.

Monday, February 7, 2011

DNA Links Gani Demiroski To Teen Rapes

Wolcott, CT--- A pizza delivery driver for Fratelli's Pizzeria (his family's business) has been linked through DNA to the sexual assaults of two teen girls.

Gani Demirosky, 21, has been charged with sexual assault, kidnapping and assault. The first victim, 17, was attacked near a campground in Black Rock State Park in June, 2010. The second victim, 16, was assaulted near her high school in Thomaston in November, 2010. Both were tackled from behind.

Demirosky is the proud owner of nine, count 'em, MySpace accounts with his age ranging from 21 to 106. He is currently being held on a $500,000 bond as more charges are expected to come down the pike.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Federal Grand Jury Indicts Martial Arts Instructor For Child Porn

CA--- A martial arts instructor was indicted for possession and distribution of child porn after an investigation by Project Safe Childhood.

During the investigation, Justin Daniel Graham, 29, of Lincoln, was found to be in possession of child porn and had been using peer-to-peer software to distribute images showing the sexual exploitation of minors.

MySpace and Strategic Martial Arts Website

Due to his employment as a martial arts instructor and the potential danger of putting children at risk of exploitation, it was determined that Graham should remain in custody until his next court date.

With Justin Graham facing up to 20 years in federal prison if convicted, those ninja skills will come in handy. The maximum fine is $250,000 and he faces a lifetime term of supervised release.

Update: More details come out.

"Graham confessed that he has several videos that he recorded of the students in his martial arts class changing clothes with both naked fronts and backs," according to the complaint.

"Graham also told agents that one time he used his Blackberry phone to record a session where he personally helped his students change clothes and put on their cups," the complaint said.

"Graham states that his collection of child pornography ranged in age, but all photos were of children and his preferential group was boys starting at 10 years old,"

Graham said he first looked at child pornography when he was 15 and had been downloading and distributing it for at least 10 years, the complaint said.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Marko Found Guilty In MySpace Murder

Colorado--It took 10 hours over a two day period for a jury to find Fort Carson soldier Robert Hull Marko, 23, guilty of first degree murder and sexual assault in the violent death a then 19-year-old Judilianna "Judi" Lawrence.

Marko is said to have taken Lawrence to Old Stage Road in the Cheyenne Mountain area where he tied, gagged & bound her to a tree and subsequently raped her.

After it was done, he then slit her throat leaving her to die all alone between the 10th and 11th of October of 2008.

Marko had met Lawrence on MySpace sometime earlier.

He had previously plead guilty to two counts of aggravated sexual assault on a child after being accused of raping 14-year-old girl just five days before killing Lawrence.

Report: Women Attack MySpace "Friend"

Here's a short little diddy out of Washington and a warning that even men shouldn't be so keen on the idea of meeting strangers on what is still probably the world's largest virtual trailer park.

A Newcastle man reportedly jumped from a car after being robbed and then pepper sprayed by two women he met using MySpace.

The unidentified victim told police that he initially met the two women on the once dominate social networking website and subsequently arranged to meet (in real life) them at a mall in Bellevue.

Later on, it is alleged he and the two women drove off together in a van where they reportedly robbed him by taking his $21.00 cell phone and threatening his life.

As some point the vehicle slowed down and the man jumped from the van but was unfortunately pepper sprayed by one of the women.

The two then drove off with his cell phone.

Dennis Devlin & Michael Ehmen Arrested In Hotel Raid

Police in Florida have arrested a self-described manager and owner's son of the Desert Inn Resort in Daytona Beach as well as a 20-year-old employee on accusations that they both conspired with each other to trick a young 13-year-old boy into performing sexual acts on video.

Dennis Brian Devlin, 57, and Michael Charles Ehmen, 20, were both taken into custody early Wednesday morning after investigators raided the hotel following a month long investigation by both the FBI and Daytona Beach police.

Ehmen, a family friend of the victim, is accused of promising the boy a job installing cameras at the 225 room hotel but instead brought the boy to Devlin's suite on the second floor of the hotel for a series of so-called video/photo sessions.

"In actuality, Ehmen took the boy to Devlin so that Devlin could photograph and film the child and Ehmen in the nude engaging in sexual acts, the FBI and police said."

Devlin, who is alleged to have paid Ehmen for sex and possibly other male employees, has been charged with two counts of promotion of a sexual performance by a child and one count of lewd or lascivious conduct.

Ehmen has since been charged with the same.

Devlin had actually previously been convicted of child molestation, but that was later overturned when the accuser recanted the allegations.

However, the case bares striking similarities with this current one involving Devlin.

"[Dennis Brian Devlin], who operated the Desert Inn Motel, used a room at that motel when he enticed young boys for sexual activities, state prosecutors said. He also faces misdemeanor charges for enticing a young man into prostitution at the hotel."
Meanwhile for Ehmen, his sister was quoted as saying he had been sick "all his life", was on medication and is "just as much a victim as that child is".

Here's our other victim then:

MySpace profile of suspect Michael Ehmen

The troubled "victim" who had written on his above MySpace profile that his occupation was simply "pot head" and whose "about me" features the Shakespearean like quote: "smoke week everyday stay high 420", reportedly told police that he didn't care about the boys age and that all he cared about was getting paid for taking the boy to Devlin's room.

This doesn't sound like much of a victim to me...

And how much did Devlin allegedly pay Ehmen anyway for all of this?

A whopping $180.00, according to report by WFTV.

Ironically, the Desert Inn Resort (a Facebook fan page for the hotel can be accessed here and Twitter here) had just been recently named as one of the "dirtiest hotels in America" by the ever awesome Tripadvisor website.

In fact, less than a week ago Devlin was even interviewed on TV about it and threatened to sue TripAdvisor over the ordeal.

To check out all the negative reviews and the multiple ridiculous responses by management click here.

The hotel also claims to be the most famous hotel in Daytona which it probably is right about now.

Indeed, it does have a troubled history, including several people who have fallen to their death while staying there.

Anyway, I've been having problems accessing certain websites on the Internet lately so I'm unable to find anything for Mr. Devlin, but it should be noted that Mr. Ehmen also maintained a page over on Facebook as well.

Other sites of interest:

UPDATE: Suspects now facing federal charges.

UPDATE II: Victim and family have a history of tragedy, report finds.

UPDATE III: Devlin gets 15 years, Ehmen sentenced to 7.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Daniel McEvoy Was Bored...

A Pennsylvania man has been arrested after allegedly admitting to investigators that he downloaded and shared pornographic picture of children as young as 5 "out of boredom" using a p2p file sharing network.

Daniel Patrick McEvoy Jr., 22, is accused of amassing numerous amounts of both videos and images of children being sexually abused on his personal computer in Aston.

He has been charged with one count of dissemination of child pornography, seven counts of possession of child pornography and eight counts of criminal use of a communication facility.

Evidently McEvoy had really been telling the truth that he been bored recently, as is seen via "stream" on his above MySpace profile.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Donald Gregoire Arrested In Online Sex Sting

Ohio ---- Using the screen name "Ricketysplitdeep", Donald Gregoire, 44, showed up for what he thought would be sex with a 15-year-old girl. He thought wrong.

Gregoire, of Streetsboro, drove to an apartment complex in Avon to meet the girl (undercover cop) he had been chatting with online. He was arrested after showing up with Mapquest directions and a single condom. Huh, who only brings one condom to a party?

Gregoire has been charged with attempted unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, possession of criminal tools, importuning and disseminating material (porn) harmful to juveniles, and taken to the Lorain County Jail. He is now out on a $25,000 cash bond.

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