Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Aspiring Model, Paula Ferdkoff, Charged With Making Child Porn

Lincolnshire, IL ---- An aspiring model sought to enhance her portfolio with some erotic girl-on-girl photos.

Paula Ferdkoff, 19, convinced a 14-year-old to partner up with her to create some erotic photos at Digital Effects studio in Lincolnshire. All went well until the girl's mother discovered the nude photos a month later and started to complain to Ferdkoff.

Ferdkoff, not remotely close to being a Rhodes Scholar, didn't appreciate being bitched at so she called the cops to complain that the victim's mother was harassing her over the photo shoot. However, police were more interested in what the not-so-hot model had been doing with a minor.

Ferdkoff was arrested and faces two felony counts for soliciting a minor to engage in child pornography and two felony counts of possession of child porn.

The good folks at Digital Effects Studio are sensing danger and have disconnected their phone. The photographer is now under investigation.


  1. I'm not sure, but I'd have to guess it's a combination of genetics and bad makeup application skills.

  2. *LOL*

    Also a total WTF moment for Ferdkoff I'm sure.

    At least she finally got printed and sent off for public viewing.

    A dream since she was 11 no doubt...

  3. looks like a bad Tranny !

  4. A bad tranny with bad hair extensions. She should've forgotten that modeling crap and gone straight to making porno films and dancing in titty bars.

  5. OH MY GOD! IT'S SHOVELFACE! way to go paula. i new this would happen hahahahahahaha

  6. my friend dated this girl!
    hi shawn!

  7. Why do men like to date crazy females?


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