Monday, February 7, 2011

DNA Links Gani Demiroski To Teen Rapes

Wolcott, CT--- A pizza delivery driver for Fratelli's Pizzeria (his family's business) has been linked through DNA to the sexual assaults of two teen girls.

Gani Demirosky, 21, has been charged with sexual assault, kidnapping and assault. The first victim, 17, was attacked near a campground in Black Rock State Park in June, 2010. The second victim, 16, was assaulted near her high school in Thomaston in November, 2010. Both were tackled from behind.

Demirosky is the proud owner of nine, count 'em, MySpace accounts with his age ranging from 21 to 106. He is currently being held on a $500,000 bond as more charges are expected to come down the pike.


  1. You guys got this wrong the first victim (me) was 16 at the time of the rape/assault 17 when he was caught &a charged formerly. (Jsyk)

    Also 28 other girls came forward with allegations within the 3 years prior claiming they feared for they're lives as he threatened to kill them if they went to the police. No additional charges / cases could be made for lack of physical evidence (and some may have lied) but I firmly believe this happened to many more then just myself & the other girl mentioned.

    From behind we looked identical too,
    (Another key fact.)

    He is up for a parole hearing 5/9/18 as well. ( he didn't actually go to jail until 2012 & only recieved 8 years

  2. I am so sorry that this happened to you.


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