Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Emoprince" No Longer Has A MySpace...

Are there any real MySpace users out there anymore? Or are they all just simply known as MySpace losers now?

Perhaps a 20-year-old Florida man can answer this ever trendy question today following his fresh release from a local county jail after posting a $500 bond on accusations that he engaged in sex with his underage MySpace "friend" in her own grandmother's driveway.

Anthony F. Sundquist, of Spencer, reportedly met the 14-year-old alleged victim on the once dominant social networking site almost two years before the duo reportedly agreed to engage in sexual activity.

The alleged acts are said to have occurred shortly before Christmas and continued to take place even after the suspect's mother walked in on the two and were simply told to...“get decent”.

He is now due back in court sometime in April.


  1. Ha. I wonder how often they meet up only to find they are both middle aged men. Must be an awkward but frequent occurence. lol

  2. Certainly an "oops, my bad" moment and they both slink away.

  3. all is untrue there are witnesses and there is also evidence that none of that ever took place. he has evidence of her stalking him and all he did was ignore her once he found out she was really 14 seeing how she had a slip of tongue and mentioned her true birthdate. he continued to ignore her and never replied to any of her messeges or comments. all of which he has printed in black and white. she has also lied numerous times in court under oath and his lawyer caught her lying. they dont have any evidence on him because there is none. if they did something in her grandmothers driveway don't u think her grandmother would have noticed?


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