Sunday, February 6, 2011

Federal Grand Jury Indicts Martial Arts Instructor For Child Porn

CA--- A martial arts instructor was indicted for possession and distribution of child porn after an investigation by Project Safe Childhood.

During the investigation, Justin Daniel Graham, 29, of Lincoln, was found to be in possession of child porn and had been using peer-to-peer software to distribute images showing the sexual exploitation of minors.

MySpace and Strategic Martial Arts Website

Due to his employment as a martial arts instructor and the potential danger of putting children at risk of exploitation, it was determined that Graham should remain in custody until his next court date.

With Justin Graham facing up to 20 years in federal prison if convicted, those ninja skills will come in handy. The maximum fine is $250,000 and he faces a lifetime term of supervised release.

Update: More details come out.

"Graham confessed that he has several videos that he recorded of the students in his martial arts class changing clothes with both naked fronts and backs," according to the complaint.

"Graham also told agents that one time he used his Blackberry phone to record a session where he personally helped his students change clothes and put on their cups," the complaint said.

"Graham states that his collection of child pornography ranged in age, but all photos were of children and his preferential group was boys starting at 10 years old,"

Graham said he first looked at child pornography when he was 15 and had been downloading and distributing it for at least 10 years, the complaint said.


  1. I know that guy! I trained With him for years when we were both teens. He was always a bit akward and quiet, Its a big shock to me seeing his face after all these years.

  2. Did you ever feel his eyes on you in the locker room?

  3. I know him, too. He's my friend. I wish our system were set up to help him become a healthier person. Our society is worse, not better, to let him rot.

  4. His karate site had lots of photos of the kids taking instruction and outside activities. You could that Justin only had eyes and hands for those little boy at that pool party.

    There is no fixing this guy.

  5. I'm someone who a karate instructor got angry at over something small, who got info on my private sex life and used it to humiliate me. Some of my things were stolen, I was followed, and annoyed, even ten years later, when I had forgotten him. I suspect he is a sex trafficker, or use to be one.

  6. He was my instructor too, and my young daughters. I'm sickened that he betrayed our trust and only pray for his victims. He is in the place he needs to be...locked up and not hurting anyone else.

  7. i was in jail with this guy he always had tons of food when everyone was poor
    he is definitely a mommas boy turned creep


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