Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ghost Buster Jason Bidondi Gets Busted For Child Porn

Great Falls, RI ----- Jason Bidondi ain't afraid of no ghost.... or getting busted by Operation Safe Child. The Great Falls ghost buster/hunter/whatever has been indicted by a federal grand jury for the possession and distribution of child porn.

Ghost bustin' and radio hostin'

Bidondi, 35, runs a ghost hunting group called the Valley Rangers Paranormal Investigators. Besides hosting 'The Paranormal Hour' radio show on Monday nights, he is looking for a gal who likes to hang out in cemeteries late at night. You guys are kidding, right?

The ghost hunter has four (4) MySpace accounts, vrparanormal, vrparanormal1975, slayer1975 and a throwdown here.

Facebook is valley_rangers


  1. *LOL*

    I think they're quite serious actually by the looks of them.

    And Jason's main MySpace just oozes with all sorts of creepiness.

  2. Yup... and crazy/creepy is NEVER attractive in a man, specially one who should have given up such foolishness twenty years ago.

  3. At risk of offending ghost busters or the profession of ghost busting, or painting them all with the same, broad brush: the guy's a maladapted loser.

  4. For the record, Jason was set up. He opened an email that was titled "Pic of ghost" and downloaded an attachment and it happened to be a picture of a young teen age girl that he deleted right away.
    Also to mention, the warrant was for an apartment next door NOT HIS.. The Police had NO search warrant or probable cause to enter his apartment in the first place. A direct 4th Amendment violation.
    His family spent a lot of money on a lawyer and just days before Jason's trial, his Lawyer skipped out on him leaving him defenseless before the court.


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