Tuesday, February 22, 2011

GLBT Director Nathan Bowen Charged With Molestation

Police in Oklahoma have arrested the director of a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered center located in Enid on accusations that he molested a young child.

Nathan Robert Bowen, 32, was apprehended by officers earlier today following the alleged incident that is believed to have occurred sometime on Sunday.

Bowen writes on his above Myspace profile that he is the founder of the PFLAG Enid group as well as the Enid UU group.

He also writes that he worked as a substitute teacher for a short period in 2006.

A Facebook page created by Mr. Bowen can also be found by clicking here as well as accounts on both Youtube & Twitter.

UPDATE: Bowen admits sexual conduct with 15-year-old at center.


  1. Classic pedo predatory m.o.: set up a welcoming place for troubled youth. Calculating. The behavior of someone with history of pedophilia and a socio-political agenda for it. He's a pedowarrior, a role model for groomers. Seems to be quite popular, looking at his profiles. Typical. "He was 15, he is old enough to consent, we should lower age of consent laws. He knew what he was doing. He wanted it." And his friends will support him. This is pedos intend to implement their plan. Through their friends. By perpetuating ignorance about ability to consent, the 'sexual maturity' of children. This is the pedowar.

    1. Here's the deal I'm now just finding this. If you read later on and all the court hearings mr. Nate Bowen is completely innocent of all charges. Not only does all the stories change constantly from the quote-unquote victim. But evidence comes up missing as well. You can go on and on all day about how it's a perpetual situation and how his friends are going to back them up and blah blah blah. But the fact is is everybody who was there knows it's a damn setup. I also sat next to Nate Bowen as we started pflag Enid. Enid gay pride and Enid Universal Unitarian Church. I've never done anything to a child nor have I had the thoughts of it. So saying that he's been this way his entire life because of the things he's doing is a lame-ass excuse. Cuz I'm standing next to him doing the same damn thing he is. Know the situation before you go running your mouth. Cuz just like everyone else you're all tough tough on the internet trolling all you want. But guarantee you you're the chomo here. I'm willing to back those words up to anybody and I still stand behind Nate on everything. Learn the situation or get the f*** out

    2. That's funny I stood next to him the entire time setting up everything just the same. How is Vice President of almost all these groups. Are you saying that I'm a chomo as well. It sucks I'm just finding this I love that you're a coward and post an anonymously. And you're right his friends will stand next to him cuz we all know what's f****** right. You have no clue what's going on your some fat worthless piece of crap sitting at home thinking he's a social justice Warrior by posting something cool and using big words. But I tell you what you don't know this man you don't know what he's done. You don't know the situation at all so shut your trap go back to eating your Donuts. Cuz I'll post with my name attached it's not afraid of fat assholes like you.

  2. By the way since I see these all have to be approved by an admin. I warned the admin now that a lawyer has been brought into the situation. We've had news stations that had to take down the article and hand write an apology to mr. Nathan Bowen. If you don't want to be part of a lawsuit I suggest you do the same take this down and send it to my email a written apology. I will be constantly checking up on this if the matter is not taken care of you will be hearing from our lawyer Tina Hall.


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