Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gymnastics Coach, Jeremy Waldridge, Arrested For Child Porn

Update: Feb 23, 2011

When he was first arrested, Waldridge posted bail and was released. But today, the judge increased his bail from $30,000 to $270,000, so he’s back in jail

Aloha, OR ---- A cheer/gymnastics coach has been arrested and charged with possessing child porn after an investigation revealed he had been downloading graphic material from the internet.

Jeremy Brandon Waldridge, 32, is also the owner of Top Notch, which offers classes for childrens' cheerleading, trampoline and tumbling, to sleepovers, field trips and parent's night out.

MySpace: Fasade
Facebook: Personal and Business

During the investigation detectives became exceedingly concerned when they learned that Mr. Waldridge runs a private company geared for young children and teens. Detectives learned that Mr. Waldridge and members of his staff have visited local grade schools in the Hillsboro School District and put on demonstrations for the children. According to the Top Notch Facebook page, Waldridge attends sleep away retreats and all nighters with his students, who are mostly female and well underage.

New information on Facebook states that gym is now closed due to reorganization. Well, I reckon so. Parents are not amused and police are now asking for the public's help in identifying possible victims.

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