Thursday, February 24, 2011

High School Robotics Coach, Carl Agnew, Busted For Child Porn

Indiana ---- A West Layfayette High School robotics coach is now in custody for the distribution of child porn.

Carl Ross Agnew, 27, was arrested after a joint investigation by the FBI's Cyber Crime Task Force and the Kokomo City Police department.

MySpace deleted, Facebook, Twitter, eBlog and CrazyCarl461

According to a probable cause affidavit, Agnew -- using the name "Brighteyedboy" -- was logged onto a peer-to-peer network on Sept. 28, 2010, that allowed others to access his shared directories.

An FBI agent connected to Agnew's files and downloaded 234 photos -- 196 of them showing prepubescent boys in various sexual scenarios.

Agnew is further suspected of collecting "thousands" of such photos and storing them on an encrypted computer drive.

Carl Agnew is being held in federal custody without bond. The future of robot Rowdy 12 is unknown.


  1. I wonder what site he shared files through, & if they encrypted them for him, if that's how it works. Was it Tor, I wonder, they've been in several tangles with law enforcement re: child porn file sharing, proxies, anonymizers... Tor is a leader of Internet Anonymity political movement, with Wikileaks and EFF. EFF defends pedophilia. The supposed warriors of online privacy protection are purveyors of child porn. Time for everyone to read up and understand the real implications of internet privacy. Do we want criminal organizations to have full privacy for child porn and child trafficking, using proxies with legal protections against law enforcement? NO.
    This robotics guy is an example of the new face of child porn: encryption, proxies, anonymizers. Good thing law enforcement caught him. Now they need to go after the sites facilitating such file sharing.

  2. I bet they tracked him down on Gnutella via Limewire.

    Keen eye on TOR, most have never heard of the thing...

  3. This guy is way smarter than to use Limewire or some other obvious site like that. Also, although what he did was very inappropriate and very wrong and hurtful, he was a great person and always meant well for everyone. This was very sad news for most that knew him and there were many that looked up to him and saw him as a role model. Carl is a great engineer and although this very likely will unfortunately destroy his life, I'm sure he'll be able to get back on his feet eventually. He is a very bright guy. He has never harmed anyone (well to my knowledge). This was a dark, hidden, and very private part of his life that none knew about until he was caught.

    Does anyone know of what his verdict is or is there no way to find out this information?


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