Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pastor Royce Shorter Arrested For Rape Of Child

A Washington minister and music teacher has been arrested on rape and molestation charges after allegedly forcing himself on a 15-year-old piano student.

The suspect, Royce Clinton Shorter, reportedly had been hitting on the girl during her $37.50 an hour lessons at his N-Time Music Productions studio and store for some time before ultimately coercing her into having sex.

The 15-year-old victim told investigators that he assaulted her on at least five different occasions.

Shorter, who was convicted in 1985 of statutory rape involving a 12-year-old, had also been charged (but later acquitted) of molesting another girl back in 1993.

Before being arrested, he had been the pastor at the Ecclesia Community Church in Renton.

While Shorter's MySpace profile has since been set to private, he also maintained an account over on Facebook found here as well as several other personal sites on the web found here and here.

On them, the good reverend boast about being the executive director of RCS Ministries, an HIV/AIDS and prison outreach ministry that had been formerly stationed in Seattle.

Also of interest, the 53-year-old had previously been featured on a positive note several years ago by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.


  1. He's on his MySpace now.

  2. And down went his Facebook.

  3. #God Judges.....Simply pray for him

  4. "Pray for him?" Seriously? Pray for a god damned peophile child rapist? What the fuck is the matter with you people? You'd be humming a different hymn if he raped your god damned kids you hypocrite. Fuck him.

  5. Oh yeah, I will pray for him alright... pray that he get's his justice in prison... like on the bunk, on the floor, on the towel, by the door, in the shower, in the car, up against the mini-bar.

  6. God does judge, so do WE victims!! and my judgement is just like the Bible says, "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!" So be it....dirty bastard!

    I hope more of us find the strength to come forward because, I guarantee you, we are NOT the only ones!! Believe that!

  7. If you don't deal with your dark side....your dark side will deal with you: A message to every Human Being..........."come out, come out, wherever you are"!!

  8. from article linked in blog entry:
    "On Feb. 3, Shorter was charged with two counts of third-degree rape and one count of third-degree child molestation. He has not been jailed, though a $25,000 arrest warrant has been issued."
    This mockery of our criminal justice system has got to stop. Crimes against children, and the perp is out and online. Are we in the USA or one step away from the dancing boys of Afghanistan Bacha Bazi, or what? Why is law enforcement not working here? Is it law enforcement, or the judicial system? Who is to blame?

  9. That pedophile married me and my wife a week before

  10. It has nothing to do with being a hypocrite...I would still say pray for him..Cause in the end regardless of our feelings and what we want to happen, God has the final say so take ur complaints and request to the one who can actually do something abt it..All Im saying...

  11. Read This - It is disgusting

    We are the Support Team who has committed to stand with Rev. Shorter who as you know is truly engaged in a fight for his life. We consider the order of the court to be a blessing. Pastor Shorter has been blessed with the opportunity to walk a path similar to path walked by the Apostle Paul. For this we are truly grateful.

    We are asking everyone who is willing to pray and ask God to speak to your heart about how God wants you to be a financial support to Rev. Shorter. . We believe God will lead some of us to support His servant with a monthly blessing, others will be able to be a blessing on behalf of their congregation or business others will make a periodic or one time sacrificial offering. Whatever God places on your heart the blessing will go to support Rev. Shorter; the offering is unto the Lord.

    In closing, more information will be sent about the April 16th gathering of those who stand in support of Rev. Shorter.

  12. I am disgusted that people can be so ignorant. The only blessing he deserves is bent over the bunk while Big Bubba delivers it unto him. Bah!

  13. This Is My Father Yhu Guys Are Talkin About And Honstley Yhu Guys Are Being A Lil Harsh BUT He Deserves It And All The Victums That He Raped Are My Age And Im A Teenager And I Had No Idea He Was Convicted Before I Was Born No One Ever Told Me....Who Would Do That To A Child Yhu Really Have To Be Messed Up In The Brain.. I Cant Believe My Dad Is A Pastor AndHe's Sining A Horrible Sin.. He's Sick... He's Mental.. Did He Even Feel Guilty AfterWards?!... I Am Very Sorry Fur the Victums Who Had To Deal With The Pain Of Being Violated And Having To Not Be Normal None Of Yhu Gurls Deserved It..

  14. He's yhur (sounds like that bald guy from the Austin Powers Movies)

    Your probably like 1 of the 23 kids he Besides the point...

    I know dude and hes always looked like a pedophile .. he knew most girls want to aspire to be sinnger or music artist, so thats probably what lead him down the career he choice, If you check his history dude has been convivicted and accused of this a few times.. Whats sad is no matter what you think your doing to keep your children safe, it can happen with teachers, churches, strangers ect. Dont just pray for Royce pray for the World... There are way worse people out there than this dude...

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  16. I know both of his kids and I am so sorry you guys have to go through this with your dad. I love you guys.


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