Monday, February 14, 2011

Paul Vergon Advertised For 'Unusual Threesome' On Craigslist

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Kent, WA ---- Law enforcement's interest was piqued when they came across a Craigslist personals ad from a man "seeking unusual threesome".

Seattle Detective Tye Holand answered the ad pretending to be a father who was willing to hook Paul W. Vergon, 29, up with his fictitious wife and 13-year-old daughter.

Vergon agreed to the meeting and described in graphic detail what he intended to do to the girl.

Thinking he must've won the lottery, Pervegon arrived for the big event with a 'dozen condoms and other items'. He was met by Det. Holand, who was supposed to be there to make introductions to the other two-thirds of the mother-daughter threesome. Busto.

Vergon, who goes by the nickname 'Paulie', admitted he intended to have sex with the fictitious girl and would have had she arrived. He has been charged with attempted second-degree child rape and is now out on a $25,000 bond.


  1. attempted rape of a fictitious person. nice.

  2. Nice! Craigslist detectives on the beat! This guy is a perfect example of a decent looking man who is actually a flaming pedophile.

  3. attempted rape of a fictitious person. nice.

    It works for me Troll.

  4. This pervert used to work at Dicks sporting good with me in renton, wa. Not only was he creepy but he played it off like it was nothing. He's a sick person and should get raped behind bars.

  5. I think non of you stupid people have anything better to do then to sit and judge someone without the full story behind anything you read. Just because someone can not see inside your closet yet you have no reason to throw stones because whether you want to admit it or not you are all perverts in some way or another. You look at that young girl with her tits hanging out walking down the street this summer makes you just as guilty. Even the fucking detective was a fucking pervert for setting up this guy. It was a fucking publicity stunt. And the asshole who said he worked with this guy. You are the worst kind of person to make judgement without even taking the chance to know anything. Your just a fucking loser who decided to be creepy yourself by looking him up without reason. Maybe you were interested in him yourself. Go fuck yourself. Next time be a better person and look yourself in the mirror. You walk around with more offenders than you think. You might actually be one it just hasn't been made public yet.

    1. Might as well just put your name on that "anonymous" reply defending yourself there paul....or make it less obvious

  6. To the jackass above me, if you think that checking out some girl walking down the street with her tits hanging out makes someone as guilty as a pedophile then you are obviously mentally retarded! The detective is a perv for setting this guy up? Are you serious? If we are all creepy losers for looking him up then what does that make you since you obviously did the same? You are either related to this guy and that's the reason you are so quick to come to his defense or you are just really stupid!

  7. i used to go to school with this pervert in tukwila, he even got a job in the sorority house after he committed this sexual offense. tell me if this was not you Paul one comment above?

  8. I went to high school with Paul. He was a skinny nerd. Ugh. So gross. I will make sure to let my old classmates know about him!!

  9. Paul went to school in Goldendale for a while. I will be sure to let our classmates know what kindof upright citizen he turned out to be!


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