Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Police: Aaron Wagers Killed Megan Rider Then Self

Indiana--A 36-year-old man who had been awaiting trial on accusations that he molested a child under the age of 14 is now dead after killing both himself and his fiancee at a home in the densely populated town of Chesterfield.

Police believe Aaron Lee Wagers shot and killed 25-year-old Megan Louise Rider sometime during the early morning hours on Sunday, February 13th.

The bodies were discovered by Rider's own father after arriving home (the two had been living there) from work around 6:30 a.m.

While police are unaware of any motive at this time, it is known that Wagers had been released from jail earlier this month after posting a $35,000 bond on charges that he engaged in both sexual intercourse and oral sex with a young girl between 2007 and 2009.

MySpace profile of Aaron Wagers

On his above MySpace profile, Wagers ("Sunwolf420") writes that he was an amateurish filmmaker and claims that he had been contacted by a major film studio interested in something he had been working on entitled, "Hubris: The Weekend Of Malcontent".

He then describes the meaning of the movie:

"Hubris means extreme haughtiness or arrogance. Hubris often indicates being out of touch with reality and overestimating one's own competence or capabilities, especially for people in positions of power.

Wagers continues:

"In its modern usage, hubris denotes overconfident pride and arrogance; it is often associated with a lack of humility, not always with the lack of knowledge. An accusation of hubris often implies that suffering or punishment will follow..."

And then goes on some more still:

"The Malcontent is a character type often used in early modern drama. The character is discontent with the social structure and other characters in the play. The most important thing about the malcontent, is that he is malcontent—unhappy, unsettled, displeased with the world as he sees it—not at ease with the world of the play in which he finds himself, eager to change it somehow, or to dispute with it. He is an objective or quasi-objective voice that comments on the concerns of the play and comments as though he is somehow above or beyond them.
Let's break some of this crap down then:

1. Unhappy and displeased.
2. Overconfident and arrogant.
3. Out of touch with reality and a lack of humility.
4. A sense of superiority who is beyond others.

Perhaps Mr. Wagers wasn't really describing the film as he was so much himself, huh?

After all, suicide is bad enough and undeniably selfish, but to voluntarily take another person's life is simply a monstrous act.

Wagers created this horror and the ripple effect born from it will no doubt alter both families for years to come.

One thing is for sure, "suffering or punishment will follow".

He did have that right...

At the time of her death, Rider had been employed as a caregiver and was attending Ivy Tech Community College.

She leaves behind numerous family members, friends and her ever loving dog "PJ".


  1. His MySpace is full of bullshit douchery.

    Too bad the pedophile just couldn't kill himself and leave his gf out of it. Bah!

  2. Pedophiles drag others into their deadly delusions. He refused to face consequences or the real story, "The Pedophiles' Cowardice".

  3. Look bastards he was accused of rape and all this shits bull my family member aaron is right handed he was shot on the left side of his head plus they was drinking so whoever killed who was not in the right mind at the time so i would appreciate if you didnt say dumb shit if you dont know the story!!!! Assholes

    1. Well your an idiot for saying he's right handed because he was shot on the left side of his head. Doesn't matter what hand you are your still capable of shooting your self with either hand its a proven fact. And even if he didn't do the world a favor by killing himself being a chomo in prison he woulda been killed anyway

  4. I see, it is totally cool to be a kiddie rapist and murderer as long as you are drunk. The old diminished capacity family defense. This is old news, go back to your beer.

  5. ya know this is just nice for family to surf onto but appreciate the fact that whomever wrote this gave credit that aaron murdered megan in cold blood knowing she didnt want to be with him and was moving on... he was set to move out the next day and just couldnt accept the fact that he wasnt going to be with her or control her anymore... if he couldnt have her he made sure none of the ones who truly loved her and cared about her would either... rot in hell aaron thats where you belong!! by the way this is her sister and i know the facts!! i know the fucking truth and megan was right handed too dipshit!! how did she shoot herself in the back of the head with a 44???? have you read the police report??? did you see her??? did you see what he fucking did to her you heartless bastard??? okay how about about the fact that he covered her face with a pillow so he didnt have to see her when he killed her or the fact that megan was very self consious & when my father found her she was naked from the waist down!!! People need to look at the facts and get their shit straight before they try and run their mouths...

    1. hey my cousin dnt fucking kill Megan,both were sleep together and the gun was in her hand when he was dead. he loved Megan rider i just met her christmas they were madly in love each other..the case must open to find out who killed aaron and megan my family think people frm facebook who kill aaron..dnt ever say Aaron rot in hell where he belong..he dnt freaking molest 14 yr old girl bcuz her or her mother is mad at him for leaving her for new girlfriend megan rider.. Quit running ur mouth abt megan or aaron bcuz megans father talk my uncle jim as aarons father that he dnt think aaron did's someone else is on run who killed aaron wagers and megan rider bcuz it dnt seem right story in police report. My cousin aaron has a good heart so is megan too

    2. Are you speaking ebonics? I can see that dumbassness runs in this family. Maybe your family should take a break from all the molesting and murdering and get back into school for some English lessons. Fuking idiots. Why don't you do the world a favor and put a bullet in your head too. It would make the world a better place.

    3. and your ignorant for telling another person to put a bullet in their head. ironic but most peopel that judge spo harshly usually have a lot of skeletons in their closets

  6. This is Megan Rider's mom and since myspace isn't read much anymore I got a few things I wanna say! Aaron Wagers is a piece of shit and I pray he is rotting in hell for what he did to my daughter. I don't usually post things out loud like this for his family to read but I feel pretty safe writing this here. After all who reads myspace these days! He took not only my daughter but he took a grand daughter, a sister, an aunt and a beautiful young lady from this earth. All because he was selfish! He didn't want Megan to live to find out what a truly piece of shit he was. He was a child molester and he could not bear Megan finding out the truth about him, he was also headed to Jail where he knew what he had coming in there! He was a PUSS! That's all I got to say!!

    1. And all you got to say is more than good enough.

      I am so sorry for what you and the rest of your family has had to endure.

      We all wish you the best and please keep on fighting the good fight!

  7. I knew megan for a very brief period, just the last few years of her life. I only recently learned if her death just about a month ago from a need I felt to reconnect with some people I haven't been in touch with for a while. I'm deeply saddened by all of this, even though it had been some time since I had been in touch it's a void in my heart. Megan was a very beautiful woman and genuinely kind, it's awful that a low life like aaron wagers could do something like this.

  8. It's you all are just insulting the whole family. I get you guys are mad, I totally get it. I'd be mad too, but please, who ever said that the whole family should put a bullet in their head because we only murder and rape, please, please don't say those things. It really hurts me, I'm his daughter, I'm only 16, it's almost been five years since this whole thing happened, and I'm devastated about this. This topic is sensitive to me enough that I break down in school because of it. I have a huge fear of talking about it because my father made a huge mistake that I can't forgive. I knew Meagan too, she was really nice. She got me a couple pretty bracelets for my birthday one year, and I was really happy to see that I might have a step mom. I was really sad when I found out about both of their deaths, but since I knew my dad...since...yaknow...I was born, it effected me a lot more. I do still love them both, but I really did not need to see this whole thing, I had a break down after seeing this for the first time, and all I was trying to do was get a picture of him to put as my lockscreen to at least be a little celebratory on Father's Day...


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