Thursday, March 24, 2011

Christopher Endicott Accused Of Killing Barbara & Gary Holloway

A 15-year-old boy from Kentucky has been charged with killing his legal guardians after police went to a rural home in Edmonton and found two dead bodies.

An Amber Alert had earlier been issued for the suspect, Christopher Endicott and his 12-year-old girlfriend Kyra Shockley after police suspected the two might have been involved in the double homicide, a report by the UPI stated.

Endicott is accused of shooting both 51-year-old Barbara Holloway and 50-year-old Gary Holloway and then stealing their 1997 Chevy Lumina.

The two were found dead in their bed by their adult son.

The 250 lb. Endicott had been placed in care of the Holloway's after his mother just couldn't handle him anymore.

His biological father is also said to currently be serving time in prison.

Police say his now dead guardians had earlier ordered him to stop seeing his girlfriend of three months.


  1. The 12 yr old was returned to her parents after a firefighter found her with him.
    This crime has many factors: juvenile murder suspect has one parent in prison; abuse of children in care of legal guardians & foster parents much higher rates than children living with bio parents; young children date older children or adults hoping to escape abuse.
    It would be easy to weave a plausible story of what happened given all the factors.
    Hopefully the little girl gets to live a normal life, the young man gets a fair trial, and the family of the victims get justice.
    I'm not holding my breath.

  2. I have know Chris since he and my son were in preschool together. He is a product of his enviroment. I have known the girl envolved for a little less than a year and initially couldn't believe she was an active participant. INITIALLY. She is very manipulative and knowing Chris as long as I have and knowing his back ground I know that if she had asked him to kill them so they could be together he would have believed her. He had never had unconditional love. Daddy is in prison, Momma beat him and abandoned him early on. He only wanted someone to love him forever. Emotionally he is much younger. I know what he did is wrong but when violence is all you've ever been taught it's the only way you know. I think about Chris often. I hate myself for not having my son invite him over and for not inviting him to church with us. I blame all of us as a society for turning our backs on him and others like him. Perhaps if we all weren't so self envolved Chris' future would have been different.


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