Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Church Volunteer, Derek Ripley, GUILTY of Possession Of Child Porn

Fort Worth, TX---- A 27-year-old youth volunteer for Trinity Chapel Church in Benbrook has been arrested on charges of possession and distribution of child pornography.

Derek McCoy Ripley has been ordered to remain in federal custody after an investigation revealed that username "Leak13" had been sharing folders with numerous images of child porn, which included videos of young boys engaging in sex.

Further investigation determined Ripley is "Leak13".

If convicted, Derek Ripley could face up to 20 years in prison, with lifetime supervision upon his release.

Ripley can be found all over the internet using his MySpace name, "Ripbu". He even asks online how to hide the titles of the "adult" dvds in his online collection.

Ripley can be further found on PeekYou, Twitter, Xanga and Invelos.

UPDATE 11-16-11: It's now official, Derek Ripley is a pervert.

Derek Ripley pleaded GUILTY and was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison and will serve a lifetime of supervised release.

Derek is now chillin' with the boys in the Federal Correctional Institution in Ft. Worth. Don't drop the soap boy.



  1. He was a great dude growing up, but no one new his inner self. He is immoral, sick and deserves to die for the crimes he has committed. Do it the right way and cut his tool off and let him bleed out.

    1. Wow. You have no idea. Such a screwed up opinion based solely on something you have read. You're sick.

  2. Are you serious anonymous? Derek Ripley was and is an awesome guy. He messed up, really badly, but God will forgive him and I will too. If anything, we should pray for him more than ever.

  3. Are you insane Afriend? Pedophiles/perverts cannot change. If God sees in his heart, then he knows what is true. The sickness and desire will always be with Derek. Praying won't help him, he is what he is, and if I were you, I would keep young children far away from him.

    1. You also "M" have no clue. He was never a pedophile/pervert to begin with. God knew his heart then and God knows it now. Those thoughts and actions were never a part of him and never will be. Get your facts straight.

  4. These charges are trumped up FBI bull crap. Dude looked at a file with regular adult pics, some of this other was planted by our trustworthy law enforcement and mixed in. FBI sent him a file of mixed pics then took them back. Because his computer wasn't protected, they call that distribution. This mention of boys is manufactured by FBI to sensationalize the story and get them a notch in their belt. He never even opened those files that have been mentioned because that was not of interest at all. They don't give you an option. Accept these charges or we'll make up more. Don't believe anything FBI says. They are corrupt and only out to make a name for themselves. Judges don't care, lawyers don't care, District Attorneys don't care. They are all in it to get their names in the paper and a notch in their belt. Be careful what you do. You might be next.

  5. Thanks for bringing Ripley back to my attention so I can update his case.

    Update: Sentenced to 10 years in federal prison.

    1. Just because he pleaded guilty doesn't mean he is a pervert. You would have a lot more respect if you simply shared facts and not your opinion.

  6. The only thing any of you whom have commented knows is what you have read in the paper or online. The only thing the reporters know is what is fed to them by the FBI.

    There are many, many lies, manufactured statements, half-truths, and rearranged comments that have appeared in these reports. FBI agents lied on the stand, lied in reports, and did anything they could to sensationalize this and get their names in lights.

    The judge knew there were questions about the tactics, so he gave much less than the excessive guidelines stated. The Assistant U.S. District Attorney knew there were questionable actions taken, so he did not object to the below guidelines sentence. These two things DO NOT happen in this court. Even they knew there were missteps taken, they still had to impose something to keep the system of corruption intact.

    The agent in charge of this case was transferred to another division immediately after the sentencing, I suspect because they are aware of the falsehoods and improper tactics used.

    Those of you who choose to make judgement based on these lies do nothing but fall into the trap of our corrupt government and their abilities to control you by way of the media.

    This is not what it seems. But there is nothing anyone can do about it unless they have a couple hundred thousand dollars to buy off the right people.

    Our government throws people in jail to create and sustain jobs, and pump money into local economies. They don't care about me, or you, or the many people they hurt because of their lies and corruption.

    Websites like this help stir the frenzy and brainwash the masses who have grown to believe everything they hear on Nancy Grace, Oprah, CNN or ESPN and count it as truth.

    Everything you read or hear is not true. Use your own minds and recognize what they have done to us. None of us has the ability anymore to recognize our own shortcomings. We cannot even figure out how to take care of things in our own messed up lives, so we justify our own actions by way of any means necessary. Even though we can't take care of our own business, we all seem to know how everyone else needs to take care of theirs.

    This case and many others are not what they have been made out to be, but our Justice System and law enforcement agencies have grown to become mafia-like and will do anything they have to do to replenish the system and keep the dollars rolling.

    I pray none of you gets caught up in anything that gives you a close-up look at the corruption and misdeeds that take place each and every day.

  7. He was a seemingly great guy growing up. That fact is debatable. One thing that leads me to believe it is that he never showed or had any interest in girls all through out school and that just doesn't happen during puberty. If i am wrong correct me, but i can not remember one girlfriend.

    1. This continued through University. I knew him there and was not entirely surprised by this. I just thought he was gay and afraid of admitting it, but there was definitely a secret there.

      As far as whether he was truly distributing or whatever. Who knows. Apparently it was enough for the courts, but that doesn't mean much to me these days. When it comes to the digital crimes they frequently don't deliver true justice.

  8. Curious to know how long of the 10 years he will actually serve


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