Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Drag Queen Pasha Nicole & Stripper Roommate Arrested For Child Sex Crimes

Police in Georgia have arrested a drag queen and her male stripper roommate of less than a year on human trafficking charges.

Both Steven Donald Lemery, 35, a gay male stripper who uses the alias "Steven Lang" and Christopher Thomas Lynch, known as drag performer "Pasha Nicole", have both been charged with numerous counts involving minors in the case.

Lemery has been charged with 5 counts of aggravated child molestation, child molestation, enticing a child for indecent purposes, 2 counts of human trafficking and pandering by compulsion.

Facebook profile of: Steven Lemery

Lynch has been charged with human trafficking of a minor person for sexual servitude, 2 counts of sexual exploitation of a child, pandering by compulsion and possession of drug-related objects.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the two reportedly used social networking sites to lure young teens from three different states to their apartment for sex and then later reportedly wouldn't let them leave.

Originally Lemery had been the only one charged in the case until an unidentified victim in Alabama spotted Lynch on television bragging to a local reporter that he/she assisted with police in the investigation.

MySpace profile of: Christopher Lynch

Besides the above MySpace profile of Lynch, there is also another one located here as well which then links us to a personal website which subsequently provides us with a rather active Formspring and a now deleted Facebook.

And for your viewing pleasure all:

Other sites maintained by the jail bird transvestite also include Twitter, Stickam, Wikia, Youtube and Zazzle as well.

Almost as disgusting as the allegations itself, is Lynch commenting on a Topix forum in regards to the case in which he/she can clearly be seen pimping his/her own various websites on the Internet for publicity and initially ignoring any sympathy toward the alleged victims in the case.

A fellow commenter quickly called Lynch out on this:

"I cant believe you are using this story to try to help what you think is your career!! You didnt mention anything about those boys or any remorse for them or anything, your just trying to promote yourself which is ****ing sick!! Just because you become a rat to save your own ass doesnt make you any better than him and dont think your ass is so safe either!! I know for a FACT your day is coming and you will pay for your part of things that went down in that house!"
How prophetic...

After feeling attacked, Lynch then fires back in repeated comments and begins to evoke emotion and at the same time of course calls anyone who questions him/her a bigot.

He/she ultimately ends the drama over there now as a perverted hypocrite thanks to his/her last comment posted in early March:

"Steven Lemery is a monster, may Justice Punish him and the creator have mercy on his soul."
As for Lemery, many of his "friends" on Facebook appear to be outraged after discovering that he wasn't actually 19 or 22 as he allegedly told them but instead 35 and now currently residing in jail on child molestation charges.

What a duo these two!


  1. This pervy pair will be the belles of the ball behind bars.

  2. Glad they got these predators, but not really much credit to give law enforcement! It seems initial charges were only brought because a victim came forward, and then only one of the two was charged while the other completely snow-jobbed law enforcement. Pedophiles can be master manipulators, but law enforcement are idiots if they didn't thoroughly investigate the apparently quite flamboyant other perp. The whole case is thanks to the victims. The victims had to do all the work. Law enforcement didn't do much, it seems. Hopefully the courts will. And these stories should be featured at every social network site by law, as part of a mandatory program of cautionary tales. Social networking sites should be liable for facilitating crimes against children. Children simply cannot protect themselves from online predators. They need help.

  3. It's excellent seeing pedophiles get arrested... Do you know about the YouTube pedophile, Jimmy Lee Cook? He's a homeless pedophile who lived in a tent in Lynchburg, Virginia... He had over 30 usernames on YouTube over the past four years or so, and he got arrested last September for sexually harassing thousands of children and manipulating over 100 of them into doing sexual acts on camera. A few of his names on there include Luvyashawty, hotguyplays, spongbobthightywhite, naughtyboyplays, tonytiger4u, and more.

  4. It's funny..I lived in that house for two weeks and went insane and HAD to move out. Pasha raped not one but two of my friends. He kept staying he had the surgery and was female. Everyone who lived in that house was out to destroy anyone.


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