Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Henry Erb Charged With Molesting 4-year-old Girl

Edgewater, FL ----- A Volusia County man has been arrested after being caught in a bedroom molesting 4-year-old girl he had undressed.

Henry Erb, 23, allegedly had the little girl lying on her stomach as caressed her body while exposing his penis.

Erb has been charged with Lewd and Lascivious molestation, which is considered a Life Felony in Florida. He could receive 25 years to life. Erb is currently not allowed to have bail.

Erb can be found all over the internet, he has MySpace accounts out the wazoo; Skullmasterbitch420, hachitman420, Erbxxx and throwdowns here and here. He is especially fond of posting many photos of himself. Erb also maintains a MyYearBook and Facebook account.


  1. What a freaking loser with all those profiles. 23? He looks 45.

  2. gross. his one like is girl scout cookies. rot in hell you worthless piece of shit.


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