Friday, March 4, 2011

Soldier Daryl Waldron Arrested For Sex With MySpace Girl

A North Carolina man has been taken into custody after allegedly having a week-long sexual rendezvous with a 14-year-old girl he met using MySpace.

Daryl Sage Waldron, 27, of Waynesville, has been charged with one count of first-degree statutory rape and three counts of second-degree statutory rape after admitting to detectives that he engaged in sexual activity with her on numerous occasions.

According to a report, Waldron had befriended her on the once popular social networking giant when she was just 13.

While I won't be linking the teen's MySpace profile, Mr. Waldron can clearly be seen commenting on some of the various pictures she had posted on her profile.


  1. At least he doesn't want (so he says) kids of his own. I wonder about this type of pedo, just going from the one pic, he appears to be the good looking military type. I'm thinking he's a classic pedophile who's disgusted by women. Is he involved with the "men's movement", that repressed homosexual, misogynist group growing in numbers and attaching itself to the pedowar? They are groomers and political activists. They would love a mascot like him, "the angry sex offender", convinced they're wronged by a flawed system, out to remove age of consent laws.

  2. Sage Waldron didn't know the girls age when he befriended her, her profile said she was 22. He was targetting young girls, he is no petifile. She told him her real age after he'd already devoloped romantic feelings for her. The dead kids of myspace? This wasnt the case. These two didnt hurt anyone, why cant we just let them be together?


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