Friday, March 4, 2011

Three Men Arrested For Sex Assault Of Unconsious Woman

Tyler Wirtjes (left) Zachary Michael Patterson (right) and Jason Walker (bottom)

Manly, Iowa ---- Three Worth County men are charged with the sexual assault of an unconscious woman. The crime occurred on December 5th. Hours later, medics responded to a call of a woman not breathing. She died.

Tyler Wirtjes, 27, and his two 19-year-old buddies, Jason Walker and Zachary Patterson were partying it up at his house. They all drank until a woman in the home became unconscious. Not one to let a party end early, Wirtjes carried her to a bedroom and broke out a sex toy. He sexually assaulted the woman with the device as the teens urged him on and helped by replacing the batteries.

After Walker and Patterson left the home, Wirtjes sexually abused the woman again, who was still unconscious, taking photos of the assault with his cell phone. By early morning, Briget Wirtjes, wife of Tyler Wirtjes and the mother of two young children, would be found dead in her bed.

Police will not confirm that the woman sexually assaulted that night was Brigett Wirtjes, as they do not identify sexual assault victims. Tyler Wirtjes deleted the damning photos from his cell phone, but they were later recovered through forensic analysis.

Wirtjes, along with Zachary Patterson and Jason Walker were arrested and charged with second-degree sexual abuse. Convictions could result in up to 25 years in prison. Their bonds are set at $100,000.

Wirtjes' Facebook, Patterson's Facebook and Jason Walker's Facebook


  1. "Hi, I'm Larry, this is my brother Darryl, & this is my other brother Darryl." (Bob Newhart show, ca.1985)

  2. It sickens me to think two young children were sleeping in the next room while their dying mother was being violated by those pigs.

  3. LOL... you nailed it. I <3 Bob Newhart.

  4. I hope the sick bastards die a long slow death what a bunch of sickos!

  5. I went to school with TW, in fact was good friends with him for several years before this happened, I would of never thought of him as capable of this, but facts are facts. Damn dude, you knew better than this, and I thought I knew you better than this.

  6. i dated tyler for awhile in high school n would never have imagined he would or could do this n it makes me feel sick i am horrified n freaked out that i was with him n honestly if he did this to his wife what couldve happend if he got wasted n i passed out or his other gf or friends no one desrves this u do not violate anyine especially ur wife n y he hanging with 19yrolds

  7. Hope he likes prison sex


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