Friday, April 22, 2011

Child Porn Perv Daniel Pollard Pleads Guilty

Grayville, IL----- For the man who loves Jesus and kiddies having sex, justice came swiftly.

A few weeks after being arrested and charged with downloading and sharing child porn, Daniel Owen Pollard entered a guilty plea.

Pollard, 32, first came to the attention of authorities during an undercover online investigation. More than 100 images and videos of child porn were found on his computer. After being charged with two counts of Class-X felonies, Pollard was looking at 6 to 20 years in prison. The judge sentenced him to 10 years.

Prior to his arrest, Pollard maintained accounts on (creepy) MySpace w/blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

FYI: Class X felons in Illinois usually serve the entire term of their sentence.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Former Babysitter, Brenda Harding Admits Sex With Boy Who Killed Himself

Colorado---- A Canon City woman has been arrested after an investigation into a 14-year-old boy's suicide.

Brenda Lynette Harding, 30, had been the former babysitter of Tristen Hagen and his two younger siblings last summer. As a friend of the family, she held a position of trust. That trust was broken when Harding began a sexual relationship with the boy starting on June 5th, and ending the day of his death.

She was the last person to see him alive. Tristen Hagen overdosed on Oxycodone and Skelaxin.

"The documents also show that members of both families, including Harding's husband, were suspicious of a possible inappropriate relationship between the two. Hagen's father spoke with Harding via telephone on April 1, telling her to stop communicating with his son, threatening her with a restraining order. Later that night, the last night he was seen alive, Harding told Hagen of the confrontation, then had sex with him in the parking lot of the Royal Gorge Academy. Following the encounter, Hagen left on foot and was not seen again."

Tristen Hagen was "infatuated" with Harding. He wanted to get a tattoo commemorating the date they first had sex, June 5, 2010.

“On-scene investigators noted that from the vantage point where (the) body was discovered, Harding’s house could be clearly seen in an almost direct line-of-sight,” the affidavit said. “In fact, his body lay in such a manner that it appeared he might have been looking at her house.”

An hour before his body was found, Harding made her own half-assed suicide attempt by cutting her arms and legs. Do it right next time.

The married mother of two has been charged with two felony counts sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust, and sexual assault on a child, pattern of abuse.

Harding is sitting in the Fremont County jail. Bond has been set at $15,000.

********* UPDATE **********

Harding pleaded guilty on August 8 as part of a plea agreement, and yesterday, she received her sentence: ninety days in jail, ten years to life on probation, and no contact with anyone under age eighteen until the completion of a risk-assessment analysis. That includes her own two kids.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Air Force Staff Sgt. Arrested For Transporting Child Porn To UAE

Dover AFB, Delaware----- Air Force Staff Sergeant Christopher Brandli, 27, was arrested for possession and transportation of child pornography.

Brandli's computer was seized along with other media from his dorm room. The hard drive contained 47 pornographic photos and 27 pornographic videos of prepubescent to adolescent girls.

The married father of a toddler admitted to downloading the child porn to his hard drive before being deployed this past October, to Al Dhafr Airbase in the United Arab Emirates. Brandli is being detained until his hearing on Tuesday.

UPDATE: Guilty

Staff Sgt. Christopher Brandli of Wyoming, Del., faces up to 10 years in prison after entering the plea Monday in federal court in Wilmington. He will be sentenced on Feb. 29.

In return for the plea, prosecutors agreed to drop other counts of transporting and receiving child pornography.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Elementary School Aide Arrested For Possession Of Child Porn

Broomfield, CO---- An Adams County School District employee was arrested by Thornton Police and charged after images and videos of child porn were found on his personal computer.

Brandon Leyte, 19, was employed as an after-school counselor for Meridian Elementary School's before and after school enrichment (BASE) program. His Facebook, now private, stated that was working with special needs children.

Leyte has been suspended, and is currently being held in the Adams County Jail, charged with felony Sexual Exploitation of a Child.

Bond has been set at $5,000.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mother Botches DIY Circumcision On 3-month-old Son

Portland, OR---- With inspiration from reading her Bible and watching a couple of YouTube videos for good measure, Keemonta Peterson, 29, decided her son needed to be circumcised. In a Do-It-Yourself gone horribly wrong, she used a box cutter and a pair of pliers and proceeded to remove her infant's foreskin.

Can I get a "What the Hell" here?

Halfway through the procedure, things weren't going so well as there was far too much blood. Peterson used the pliers as a tourniquet as baby boy suffered for two hours with uncontrolled bleeding and immense pain.

Peterson finally called 911. Her baby boy was rushed to an emergency room, where he was first listed in critical condition. He has since recovered and has been placed with a family member along with his three siblings.

Peterson had been in the Multnomah County Jail on a $550,000 bail, charged with first-and-second-degree assault and first-degree criminal mistreatment. Bond was lowered to $5,000. She is now out of jail and allowed supervised visits her children.

Hide the box cutters, pliers and most of all, the bible. Crazy folk and religious materials are never a good mix.

Peterson has a MySpace where she claims to be "Yahayah's Chosen Vessel". You can catch her singing on her YouTube account.

Shout out to Multnomah County Sheriff's Office for the excellent quality mug shot.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Man With Disturbing MySpace Arrested For Child Porn

Delaware---- A 20-year-old Milford man came under investigation for child pornography after a referral from the Pennsylvania Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force to the Delaware Child Predator Task Force.

Eric R. Aldrich has been charged with 27 counts of dealing in child pornography after search warrant was executed at his residence. Numerous images were found on multiple computers and other ditigal media. He is now being held in the Sussex Correctional Institute on a $270,000 secured bail.

Aldrich maintains a MySpace account, Maddocdragon, "Eric aka the Devil", where he states in his "about me" section:

I am Eric sometimes called the Devil. I am complicated, dark, creepy, mysterious, deep, somtiems evil, but even I love those close to me. And so long as I live they will not be hurt by others. ....................................................If you hurt my friends physically, mentally, or emotionaly, I wont kill you no that is too easy and painless a death. I will take you and torture for days sometimes even years. And just when your ready to pass out, I'll nurse you back to health adn start all over again. You will be left a hallow shell. Empty, lost, and rabid. All thoughts, all emotions will have left your head, and all that will be left is a shadow of your former self. Maybe similar in appears minus a limb or two, But the mind will be gone, all that will be left is the insteinct like a rapid wolf, the one things that you will strive for is esacape. And when you want death the most is when I'll hit you the hardest.

I'll murder your family in front of you, rape your wife as im sliting her throat, I will deciamate your existance in this world. All I can say is I hope you dont have kids. So bottom line do not hurt, my friends. THe differnece between me and most people is I will do those things. Where most lack the balls to do such things. They are restrained by such things as humanity, well im not i lost that long ago. So go ahead and try, and ill see how long you keep your sanity, As im hacking you into peices.....

Well, here's hoping someone looks a little closer at this guy.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Richard Amabile Knew He Was Wrong To Shake And Throw A Baby

Florida---- An 18-year-old Port Richie man has been arrested and charged with 1st-degree aggravated child abuse of a 8-month-old girl.

Richard M. Amabile first told doctors and police that the infant accidentally fell off of a table and hit her head. After confronted with inconsistencies in his story, he broke down and admitted to shaking and throwing the baby when she wouldn't stop crying.

Amabile said after throwing the baby, he did place her on a kitchen table, where she fell and hit her head on the tile floor, authorities said. He "admitted that after throwing the victim down her demeanor changed; she stopped crying and began to whimper," the report states. "The defendant advised he knew what he did was wrong."

It is unknown at this time if Amabile is the father of the battered baby, however, he has a Facebook with a profile photo of himself holding what looks to be terrified baby girl with tear filled eyes. He also has two MySpace accounts, here and here.

Amabile is being held on a $100,000 bond in the Pasco County Jail. The child's condition is unknown at this time.

Shout out for the Pasco Co. Jail for their quality mug shots.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Wrestling Coach Hit With Child Porn, Soliciting and Extortion

Rhode Island ---- A Providence high school wrestling coach was arrested for child pornography, indecent solicitation of sex a minor and extortion.

Police say that Joseph Simone, 21, posed as a teen girl online and coerced a 15-year-old boy into masturbating, which he recorded in real time.

Simone, who goes by "Joe" or "Joey" met the victim on an online chatting service called ooVoo.

Simone requested that the juvenile victim perform a sexual act in exchange for naked pictures
of the 15-year-old female he was portraying. The juvenile victim complied, and Simone reciprocated with images of a young girl, he obtained from an unknown pornographic website.

Wanting a second performance, the wrestling coach contacted his victim again. The boy was reluctant and Simone forced him by stating he would send the first video to all the victim’s friends on Facebook. The boy complied out of fear and stopped communication.

Simone wasn’t having any of that, and emailed his victim, “I’m sending that video out.” The boy then told his mother. The jig was up. Police believe there may be more victims.

Simone is/was employed as a youth sports umpire and as an assistant wrestling coach with the privately owned (Quaker) Moses Brown High School and the youth based Capital City Wrestling Club. He maintains accounts on MySpace and Facebook.

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