Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Former Babysitter, Brenda Harding Admits Sex With Boy Who Killed Himself

Colorado---- A Canon City woman has been arrested after an investigation into a 14-year-old boy's suicide.

Brenda Lynette Harding, 30, had been the former babysitter of Tristen Hagen and his two younger siblings last summer. As a friend of the family, she held a position of trust. That trust was broken when Harding began a sexual relationship with the boy starting on June 5th, and ending the day of his death.

She was the last person to see him alive. Tristen Hagen overdosed on Oxycodone and Skelaxin.

"The documents also show that members of both families, including Harding's husband, were suspicious of a possible inappropriate relationship between the two. Hagen's father spoke with Harding via telephone on April 1, telling her to stop communicating with his son, threatening her with a restraining order. Later that night, the last night he was seen alive, Harding told Hagen of the confrontation, then had sex with him in the parking lot of the Royal Gorge Academy. Following the encounter, Hagen left on foot and was not seen again."

Tristen Hagen was "infatuated" with Harding. He wanted to get a tattoo commemorating the date they first had sex, June 5, 2010.

“On-scene investigators noted that from the vantage point where (the) body was discovered, Harding’s house could be clearly seen in an almost direct line-of-sight,” the affidavit said. “In fact, his body lay in such a manner that it appeared he might have been looking at her house.”

An hour before his body was found, Harding made her own half-assed suicide attempt by cutting her arms and legs. Do it right next time.

The married mother of two has been charged with two felony counts sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust, and sexual assault on a child, pattern of abuse.

Harding is sitting in the Fremont County jail. Bond has been set at $15,000.

********* UPDATE **********

Harding pleaded guilty on August 8 as part of a plea agreement, and yesterday, she received her sentence: ninety days in jail, ten years to life on probation, and no contact with anyone under age eighteen until the completion of a risk-assessment analysis. That includes her own two kids.


  1. Brenda Harding, you killed that boy as surely if you had held a gun to his head and pulled the trigger. May his eyes never leave you.

  2. First things first get your faxs right here stupid attempt was two day after they found him. I really hat this but I also hat when people have to make a dad thing worse. Tell the truth of shut up. Now I'm not defending her but the truth is better think of the family's on both side's. This has to be hard on them all so show some dame compassion and put your self in there shoes.

  3. Listen to the news video dummy.

  4. @ Anonymous in the post above me-Wow. Eight spelling errors, plus grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors. Public education, anyone?

    Speaking as the mother of two sons-one grown and married-and another still in elementary school, I find this behaviour sickening in the extreme. Our society tends to wink at sexual abuse if the abuser is a woman and the victim is a teenage boy. There is just as much damage done to a boy as to a girl in this circumstance, and this abuser should pay the price for her sexual appetite, which should NEVER have had 'adolescent boy' on the menu. It matters not to me, if se attempted suicide or not, if she did, that's just a further indicator that she knew wrong from right, and did not want to face what she had done. I guess we will wait and see what the justice system will do in this case, but I fear it won't be nearly enough. Not enough to restore a little boy to his family, that's for sure.

  5. Actually "anonymous #2" Brenda tried killing herself the day Tristen was found as well as two or three days before she got arrested. I do however believe her family is having a hard time as well, but I do think their priorities are mixed up. It is not important who she claims to have affairs with in the past, what truly matters is her unacceptable relationship with Tristen in the first place. That is and will always be the most crucial part about this tragedy. Another thing is she shouldn't have been bailed out for her crime. Why should she be free, spending time with her family when we do not get that time with Tristen. She should have been left there longer then a weekend. She does not deserve to be out. I can say any of this because I am a family member, in fact the sister so you show some compassion.
    -Heather Hagen

  6. $15,000 bail seriously..Google the same case except make the perp a guy and the victim a girl, and look at the cases coming upo with bail set at around at least, the $100,000 mark.

    I am so sick of a society that demands Women have equal everything, yet they are never held to the same "legal standards" as a man!

  7. Harding pleaded guilty. See update.


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