Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Man With Disturbing MySpace Arrested For Child Porn

Delaware---- A 20-year-old Milford man came under investigation for child pornography after a referral from the Pennsylvania Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force to the Delaware Child Predator Task Force.

Eric R. Aldrich has been charged with 27 counts of dealing in child pornography after search warrant was executed at his residence. Numerous images were found on multiple computers and other ditigal media. He is now being held in the Sussex Correctional Institute on a $270,000 secured bail.

Aldrich maintains a MySpace account, Maddocdragon, "Eric aka the Devil", where he states in his "about me" section:

I am Eric sometimes called the Devil. I am complicated, dark, creepy, mysterious, deep, somtiems evil, but even I love those close to me. And so long as I live they will not be hurt by others. ....................................................If you hurt my friends physically, mentally, or emotionaly, I wont kill you no that is too easy and painless a death. I will take you and torture for days sometimes even years. And just when your ready to pass out, I'll nurse you back to health adn start all over again. You will be left a hallow shell. Empty, lost, and rabid. All thoughts, all emotions will have left your head, and all that will be left is a shadow of your former self. Maybe similar in appears minus a limb or two, But the mind will be gone, all that will be left is the insteinct like a rapid wolf, the one things that you will strive for is esacape. And when you want death the most is when I'll hit you the hardest.

I'll murder your family in front of you, rape your wife as im sliting her throat, I will deciamate your existance in this world. All I can say is I hope you dont have kids. So bottom line do not hurt, my friends. THe differnece between me and most people is I will do those things. Where most lack the balls to do such things. They are restrained by such things as humanity, well im not i lost that long ago. So go ahead and try, and ill see how long you keep your sanity, As im hacking you into peices.....

Well, here's hoping someone looks a little closer at this guy.


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