Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Naughty English Teacher, Brittni Colleps, Arrested

Arlington, TX---- A hot to trot English teacher and girls' basketball coach was arrested after being accused of having sex with five male students in her home. Her husband of seven years is in the Army and is currently in Lousiana waiting to be discharged.

Brittni Colleps, 27, mother of three young children, was employed at Kennedale High School in Arlington. Where were her kiddos when she was partying with the boys? Four of the five students are football players.

The shit hit the fan after some of the students went around bragging they banged a teacher. Seriously, how stupid do you have to be to not know that a teen is going to blab all over school?

Police found text messages, sexual in nature, and explicit photographs between Colleps and the boys.

Colleps has been placed on paid administrative leave until the end of the school year. She will not be returning in the fall. KISD statement.

After turning herself in, Colleps was charged with five counts of "inappropriate relationship between student and teacher". Bond was set at $125,000


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