Thursday, May 5, 2011

Teen Mom, Princess Zamot, Breaks Baby's Legs

Raleigh, NC----- A teen mother has been arrested after being accused of breaking her one-year-old son's legs, the tibia and fibula in both legs.

Princess Angelina Zamot, 17, was reported to police by her mother when she refused to care for her child.

"I have a 17-year-old that has a 1-year-old baby, and she is failing to take care of the baby," the caller said. "The baby has been on the floor. He is soaking wet, and she's sleeping and won't take care of the baby."

Princess Zamot is currently in the Wake County Jail under a $220,000 bond for Intentional Child Abuse Causing Serious Bodily Injury. The Department of Social Services will be taking custody of baby Prince when he is released from the hospital.

Zamot, is a little person who can't be bothered with caring for her son, seems to find time to maintain the following social sites:

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  1. Princess mother should also be charged because she stood by and left this happen when she pick her and the baby from Indiana she took responsibility for both of them why is she not charge also she deserve to be charge

    1. Once again your another person who is too ignorant to understand the situation This is my little sister your talking bout My mother tried to help princess and it was princess idea to come back down So stay out of our business

    2. Maybe your little sister should have taken advantage of the abortion laws in this country. Your sister looks a trisonomy 21 victim.

  2. shut up, you sound retarded right now. How the hell are thy going to charge the grandmother w shit if she didn't hurt the baby or have known that the baby was being hurt? She called that night because the daughter was being neglectful. I'm sure the grandmother would've called the hospital or police if she knew the baby's bones were broken. She called the cops on her daughter for not tending to the baby. The story wasn't but so many words long...How did you manage to fuck that up?

  3. the mother should be charged but both of u's r missing the point the princess and her baby were very well taking care of in IN. so if princess her self had a good mother she would have left here were she was.but is the baby ok now?

    1. Who is this?
      How was we being well taken care of?

  4. My sister is being accused of something she is not responsible for the only thing she is wrong for is not speaking up in time to protect her son. I am not gonna be anonymous because im not afraid to say anything to anyone I will stand by my sisters side till the day i die My nephew is doing good and she took good care of him but it was hard for her at times because she is a Dwarf but nobody thought about that.......

  5. It really doesn't matter if you sister is a dwarf, she shoulda used protection during sex if she thought having a child would be harder for her to care for because she is a dwarf. There are thousands of dwarfs that have children and they take perfect care of their children even people with disabilites take perfect care of their children so that's not an excuse I think that she did it because she was frustrated and she took it out on her innocent baby and that's sad she shoulda given the baby up for adoption if she felt she couldn't adequately care for the baby. She did hurt the baby and now she has to pay for what she did. In the end that baby was innocent and didn't deserve to be hurt like that so she deserves whatever she gets including going to jail

    1. I'm happy someone willing to speak so strongly about someone and their child... Great job!
      Now my name is Princess I'm the mother of that innocent child your talking about, but my thing is this can you really base your opinion on what Google says, or the news.
      So please feel free to contact me at zamotprincess@gmail. Com...
      I would love to answer any of your questions.

  6. Everyone has so much to say, but not once have anyone asked me what happen.... I'm so sick of people just saying and thinking whatever they want about the case, at the end of the day I took good care of my son, I paid my dues to the state for a crime I didn't do, nor did I know my son was abuse until after I was locked up. I trusted someone to watch my son, who in return broke my trust by hurting my son!
    All is not forgiving or forgotten but in due time everyone will pay their dues... And I want okay in IN...I would have stayed if everything was as good as everyone make it, I thought coming back to NC was the right thing to do but regardless I want happy being there or here and yes I should have waited to have a baby but I didn't, I had my son and I had to take care of him.
    If my family really cared like they claim they do I would have gotten the help I needed fully. But I didn't!
    But my son is great and soon after my case go back to court I'll be getting my son back!


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