Monday, June 13, 2011

Guenevere Hudnall (Allegedly) Hacks Daddy To Death With Pickaxe

Forida (Where else?) --- With a little help from her momma, 19-year-old Guenevere Hudnall hatched a plan to murder her daddy after their trailer was foreclosed on. Neither female had a job.

Guenevere's parents were estranged, and life just didn't seem fair for her and momma, Stephanie Hudnall, 41. Here they were fixin' to be trailerless while daddy was still living in a house and collecting his Social Security benefits. What's a couple of hambeast wimmen who don't want to work supposed to do?

Guenevere would kill her daddy if Stephanie would give her a ride over to his house. Once William Hudnall, 51, was dead, they'd get the house and his government benefits. It was a win-win situation, or so they thought.

Stephanie dropped Guenevere off at William Hudnall's home. Guenevere visited with her daddy for a few hours and waited for him to go asleep. She then fetched a pickaxe from the porch and started hacking away, Karla Faye Tucker* style, striking him in the head and chest. He didn't die quickly and kept making noise. Guenevere kept hacking away until he stopped just to make sure he was dead.

To make a long story short, Guenevere tried to stage the scene to appear that her daddy was killed in a burglary gone wrong. She and her momma showed up the next day to discover the body.

Both women were arrested for premeditated murder and are being held on a million dollar bonds.

Guenevere's MySpace
Stephanie's MySpace and Facebook

* Put to death by Texas for pickaxe murder.


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