Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ice Cream Man, Leonel Donatti, Arrested For Child Molestation

I scream, you scream......

TX--- An ice cream truck vendor has been arrested for taking an underaged teen from The Woodlands to a Galveston motel and sexually assaulting the boy.

Leonel Ernesto Donatti, 31, is from Spring, and has been tooling around in his truck selling cold creamy treats to children in the Woodlands and Spring area for the past ten years. He is a very familiar face in the neighborhoods.

Neighbors of Donatti are not amused. His mother peeked out her door and yelled to reporters that her son is innocent.

Donatti remains in the Harris County Jail on a $40,000 bond for the sexual assault, and is on an immigration hold.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ft. Bliss Soldier Fesses Up To DL'ing Kiddie Porn

El Paso, TX ---- A U.S. Army Spc. stationed at Ft. Bliss has been arrested for possession and distribution of child pornography.

Keith Blouvet, 27, came to the attention of a El Paso police detective when several files with child porn were tracked back to his IP.

"Blouvet allegedly admitted to downloading the child porn, including two child sexual abuse videos and about 30 child sexual abuse images, and told investigators that viewing the videos and images "does not sexually arouse him and causes him to feel disgusted" O'rly?

Blouvet is being held without bond at this time. He has MySpace and Facebook.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Juanita Fisher Arrested Keeping Sex In The Family

Charleston, Indiana----- Child molesters aren't just men anymore. A woman with a long history with Child Protective Services has been arrested for the ongoing molestation of two young family members.

Juanita L. Fisher, 34, is alleged to have participated in various sexual acts with children, a boy and a girl, between the age of eight and twelve. The abuse had occurred over the past four to five years.

Fisher is being charged with felony child molesting, deviate conduct, felony vicarious sexual gratification, child solicitation and felony obstruction of justice. She is being held in jail under a $100,000 cash bond.

Hambeast has a MySpace account. Not surprisingly, she states her favorite book is "Flowers In the Attic", a story about sibling love and sex.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Daniel Louis Jenkins Arrested For Molestation And Child Porn

Raleigh, NC--- Daniel Louis Jenkins, 46, is rocking his Casey Anthony ears in the Wake County Jail under a $1.6 million dollar bond.

An arrest warrant states that Jenkins had the child undress during a game of strip poker and then took pictures of the child.

He is also accused of committing "a lewd and lascivious act upon the body" of the same child and giving the child pornography, the warrant states.

As more evidence was came to light, Jenkins' charge of sexual exploitation of a minor was upped to a 1st degree felony. He is additionally charged with taking indecent liberties with a child. Big Bubba is gonna love those head handles.

Christopher Kice, IT Guy, Busted For Child Porn

Shorewood, IL ---- A gamer dad of two young children was arrested in his home by Chicago FBI’s Innocent Images Task Force for downloading and collecting child porn at his workplace.

Christopher Kice, 41, was employed in the I.T. department of a Chicago area law firm at the time he came under police scrutiny. Co-workers had discovered large files titled, "kiddie" and "pre-teen" on his work computer.

"Kice admitted to using his laptop computer to download pornography, according to the affidavit, where he admitted to viewing child pornography "in the past," although not intentionally.

Kice stated that if he unintentionally came across these images then he would delete them," the affidavit says. "Kice also stated that he knew people who had downloaded one child pornographic image and it had ruined their lives."

An examination of Kice's home computers revealed pornographic photos of young girls. Some of the files were titled, "church girls gone wild", "underage illegal preteen daughter", eww... "pedofil" and "lolitaguy".

The arrest affidavit shows that some of the photos appeared to have been taken in Kice's home, showing young girls being fondled by the hand of an off-camera adult. One of the more disturbing photos found showed a girl (6-8 years) receiving oral sex from a dog.

Desiree Kice is sticking by her man and has refused to comment. "It has nothing to do with anybody. It's private," she said. "Chris didn't hurt anybody." So, who was molesting the children in your home?

Chris Kice can be found all over the internet using the name Nekura20x6. Here are just a few:


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Erik Epperson Outed As "Hello Kitty" Perv

A little late on this one but here goes:

A 22-year-old Indiana man has been arrested by the FBI after flying to California to engage in sexual activity with a 14-year-old girl he befriended over Facebook.

Erik Epperson, of Veedersburg, is accused of flying to San Diego in late January to meet with the intended victim.

Epperson also allegedly sent several sexually charged messages and photos from both his Facebook and Cellphone.

Investigators say they recovered child pornography on his computer and believe his interest in “Hello Kitty” and “other cute things” were used as a tool to relate to young girls.

Agents working the FBI were alerted of the suspect through the victim’s stepsister.

Epperson had written the following once in a blog post he published awhile back:

”I hate when there is a beautiful person being sexualy abused and she acts like its ok. If they are ****ing with you and you disslike it then tell them to **** off and if that does not work talk to teachers parents w/e. Have some one beat their ass.”
Kind of ironic for the suspect who is now believed to have had sex with at least 10 minor victims and even once made out with a 13-year-old.

Besides the above MySpace profile, he also maintained another one found here (his main one has since been deleted) as well two Facebook accounts found here and here.

Epperson is believed to have used numerous aliases online, most often "Erik Okuzaki" and "Tomoyo Yamasaki".

An account on Youtube can also be accessed via this link and an old profile on gaia here.

Court documents can also be accessed via thesmokinggun.

Roger Luczkowiak Allegedly Films His 6-Year-Old Victim

New York--A 31-year-old man has been charged with child pornography based on evidence that was seized at his residence earlier this summer.

Roger S. Luczkowiak, of Dunkirk, was taken into custody on charges that carry a maximum penalty of at least 10 years in prison.

The material is believed to be of both photos and videos including two homemade videos reportedly filmed by Mr. Luczkowiak himself.

He is also said to have "starred" in some of them as well.

One of the so-called videos features both his voice and a prominent tattoo as well as him "giving instruction" to a small 6-year-old female child for sexual purposes.

If you know of any information on the case of Mr. Luczkowiak please contact the U.S. Attorney's Office at 1-800-320-0682.

Besides the above MySpace profile, the creepy molesting child pornographer also maintained another profile found here as well as an account over on Facebook (sporting that aforementioned tattoo) here.

Other sites maintained by the suspect included Tagged, Amazon and Youtube.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Not Dead Yet...

First of all, I want to thank Matagot for kicking ass all this past year with her ever awesome and yet completely disturbing posts.

She completely dominated...

I also want to apologize for my lack of updates and over excessive use of pointless ads.

Seriously, a big W.T.F on my part.

I had a point to all of that, but I'll keep that to myself for now.


You see kids, I just recently moved and have also 'moved on' with my life but unfortunately have also been experiencing some serious issues with my ISP.

A small minor problem I admit, but seriously that last post with the Sergio prick took around 45-50 minutes to publish!

I just can't do that and until my net deliemma can successively be solved and I rid myself of ADHD things won't be back to 'normal'.

Also, MySpace is actually really dead and the name of this blog is starting to make more and more sense, so perhaps it's time to reinvent and re-brand and gather focus...

Man Arrested In MySpace 'Sexting'

A short little diddy out of California provides us all with a much needed (albeit quick) update that MySpace is still surprisingly relevant in the ever growing online pervy community.

Apparently, neither Twitter nor the ever disturbingly growing tumblr is as simple as one would think for these ex-dialupers.

Via Fox affiliate, KION:

"A 33-year-old Southern California man is behind bars after he was caught in a Sexting sting.

The 13-year-old victim was contacted by Sergio Carrillo on Myspace and he began sending her explicit text messages, said deputies. The Sheriff's Office set up a sting operation and had an undercover officer continue to text Carrillo and pretend to be the 13-year-old victim."
The eager to please Carillow then traveled half way across the state from his hometown of Rialto to rape his child "date" from Salinas.

He also asked her to bring a "young friend".

Stay classy bro...

Anyway, the article then continue:

"The decoy and Carrillo agreed to meet up at Northridge Mall Sunday afternoon. However, instead of a 13-year-old and her friend, an undercover deputy was waiting to arrest Carrillo."
Detectives later seized his cell phone and subsequently booked him at the county jail.

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