Friday, August 26, 2011

Christopher Kice, IT Guy, Busted For Child Porn

Shorewood, IL ---- A gamer dad of two young children was arrested in his home by Chicago FBI’s Innocent Images Task Force for downloading and collecting child porn at his workplace.

Christopher Kice, 41, was employed in the I.T. department of a Chicago area law firm at the time he came under police scrutiny. Co-workers had discovered large files titled, "kiddie" and "pre-teen" on his work computer.

"Kice admitted to using his laptop computer to download pornography, according to the affidavit, where he admitted to viewing child pornography "in the past," although not intentionally.

Kice stated that if he unintentionally came across these images then he would delete them," the affidavit says. "Kice also stated that he knew people who had downloaded one child pornographic image and it had ruined their lives."

An examination of Kice's home computers revealed pornographic photos of young girls. Some of the files were titled, "church girls gone wild", "underage illegal preteen daughter", eww... "pedofil" and "lolitaguy".

The arrest affidavit shows that some of the photos appeared to have been taken in Kice's home, showing young girls being fondled by the hand of an off-camera adult. One of the more disturbing photos found showed a girl (6-8 years) receiving oral sex from a dog.

Desiree Kice is sticking by her man and has refused to comment. "It has nothing to do with anybody. It's private," she said. "Chris didn't hurt anybody." So, who was molesting the children in your home?

Chris Kice can be found all over the internet using the name Nekura20x6. Here are just a few:



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