Saturday, August 20, 2011

Erik Epperson Outed As "Hello Kitty" Perv

A little late on this one but here goes:

A 22-year-old Indiana man has been arrested by the FBI after flying to California to engage in sexual activity with a 14-year-old girl he befriended over Facebook.

Erik Epperson, of Veedersburg, is accused of flying to San Diego in late January to meet with the intended victim.

Epperson also allegedly sent several sexually charged messages and photos from both his Facebook and Cellphone.

Investigators say they recovered child pornography on his computer and believe his interest in “Hello Kitty” and “other cute things” were used as a tool to relate to young girls.

Agents working the FBI were alerted of the suspect through the victim’s stepsister.

Epperson had written the following once in a blog post he published awhile back:

”I hate when there is a beautiful person being sexualy abused and she acts like its ok. If they are ****ing with you and you disslike it then tell them to **** off and if that does not work talk to teachers parents w/e. Have some one beat their ass.”
Kind of ironic for the suspect who is now believed to have had sex with at least 10 minor victims and even once made out with a 13-year-old.

Besides the above MySpace profile, he also maintained another one found here (his main one has since been deleted) as well two Facebook accounts found here and here.

Epperson is believed to have used numerous aliases online, most often "Erik Okuzaki" and "Tomoyo Yamasaki".

An account on Youtube can also be accessed via this link and an old profile on gaia here.

Court documents can also be accessed via thesmokinggun.


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