Monday, August 8, 2011

Not Dead Yet...

First of all, I want to thank Matagot for kicking ass all this past year with her ever awesome and yet completely disturbing posts.

She completely dominated...

I also want to apologize for my lack of updates and over excessive use of pointless ads.

Seriously, a big W.T.F on my part.

I had a point to all of that, but I'll keep that to myself for now.


You see kids, I just recently moved and have also 'moved on' with my life but unfortunately have also been experiencing some serious issues with my ISP.

A small minor problem I admit, but seriously that last post with the Sergio prick took around 45-50 minutes to publish!

I just can't do that and until my net deliemma can successively be solved and I rid myself of ADHD things won't be back to 'normal'.

Also, MySpace is actually really dead and the name of this blog is starting to make more and more sense, so perhaps it's time to reinvent and re-brand and gather focus...


  1. MySpace may be on its last legs but there are still some bad sites and bad people out there.

  2. I always liked this site!! I hope somehow you get to keep up the good work like you have done in the past. Good luck with all your endeavors,. Hope everything goes well for you!!

  3. I love this damn site! I still come everyday to check for new shit. Don't let it die!!!

  4. I've been sitting back to see what you want to do. Anyway, let me know.

  5. M: I'll send you an e-mail, I still haven't solved my net issue since moving. It would be nice to get this thing started back up.

    Again, thanks for kicked some ass!

    Hammer: I think you may be the most politically incorrect stranger I've ever come across online.

    JaneM: Thanks for the encouraging words.

    Trench: Fully aware, thanks for checking in friend.

  6. Thanks A! Good looking out!

  7. Thanks A. I am ready to roll.


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