Thursday, September 15, 2011

Daryl VonNeida Busted For Production & Possession Child Porn

Dix, NY---- A Schuyler county man has been charged with two counts of first degree sexual abuse of a child after numerous items were seized from his home during a raid by State and FBI officers.

Daryl E. VonNeida, 61, is alleged to have sexually abused two young children. State and federal charges of production and possession of child pornography are pending as additional victims are trying to be identified.

VonNeida claims to be a professor of psychology at the Regent Bible Institute on his public Facebook, "Heyitsmrdaryl". He is affiliated with "His Tabernacle Family Church" in Horseheads, NY, and his hobby is photography.

Bonus photo of perp walk w/handsome troopers. =)

Update: Read the vile disgusting things VonNeida did to his victims in affidavit.

VonNeida had a hidden sex offender past with three prior convictions:

Second-degree sexual abuse, 1970 in Southport Town Court.

Second-degree sexual abuse, 1978 in Montour Falls Village Court.

First-degree sexual abuse, 1989 in Schuyler County Court.


  1. I know this man! He is a creep from my childhood years who used to hang out with our family, in particular my brothers in the 1970's. He was a boy scout leader and was accoused of doing perverted things with the boys, of course no one did anything! I can only imagine how many boys lives he has destroyed over the last 35 years, unbelievable...

    1. Yeah this kid is my friend and he has some problems he stabed them with knifes and shoot them.!

  2. This loser pedophile has been active since at least the early 1970's. It is a shame our society turns it's back on helpless children while allowing this monster to do as he pleases.

  3. Why don't you ask Mike Spencer Pastor of His often he would hunt on this guys land and have lunch with him. Ask him how many times he had this guy watch his own kids... Mike Spencer did hire this guy as a Prof at his bible institute. This guy was give full permission to work with kids by mike spencer!!!

  4. Don't blame pastor mike because he had no idea of the man's background Mike Spencer is a very spiritual and loving man of God and Daryl just so happened to have been convicted before the year that sex offender registry was invented he wasn't required to register as a sex offender.
    Stop blaming this wonderful man of God. He did nothing wrong. He would never allow anyone around kids if he knew they were a child molestor. I hope darryl gets what he deserves I know the families he victimized.


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