Thursday, September 1, 2011

Joshua Jaggears Arrested For Soliciting Three Minors

Ennis, TX---- An agricultural teacher at Ennis High School has been arrested for online solicitation of minors.*

Joshua Jaggears, 27, was allowed to submit his resignation to the school district before being arrested. At this time detectives aren't saying much, only that there are three confirmed victims.

The offenses are alleged to have occurred last year and over the summer.

Jaggears, who goes by "Josh", was mentioned in a news story about his school, “I’m looking forward to becoming a better teacher to better engage my students.”

He has MySpace and Facebook.

*Definition of online solicitation of a minor

Update 09-06-11: The victim count is up to twelve.

Ennis ISD cover up? If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck...


  1. Thanks for posting this story, guys.

    I wanted to notify your Web site of some very disturbing updates:

    1) The victim count is now more than three

    2) Ennis ISD did not notify police; a lawyer originally notified police

    3) Students were required to sign "forms" of some sort;

    4) School board members "monitored" the students to "make sure they didn't say anything to anybody."

    Sources are confirmed here:

    And here:

    Joey G. Dauben
    The Ellis County Observer
    The Ennis Examiner

  2. Thank you for the update Mr. Dauben. Ennis ISD has been trying to cover their asses big time.

  3. i love you josh i miss you are you coming home soon........?


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