Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Andrew Lemay Charged With Incest Toddler Rape

OHIO ---- A Bowling Green man is being charged with an additional six (6) counts of rape of the child who is also his family member.

Andrew S. Lemay, 22, is also being charged with pandering after he texted photos of himself and the 16-month-old child engaging in sex acts. As the investigation continues, more charges are expected to be filed. The recipient of Lemay's homemade child porn is also facing arrest.

Lemay allegedly texted those photos to a 17-year-old girl living in Helena. The photos reportedly show him engaging in sexual act with the toddler. The girl's father saw the photos and notified the police.

Lemay is being held in the Wood County Justice Center in Bowling Green at this time.

After her ordeal, the 16-month-old child received medical treatment and was placed with family members. The child’s mother lived with Lemay.

Lemay can be found all over the internet:

MySpace1: theoriginalandrewlemay.

MySpace2: lil_lemay

Twitter: lil lemay

OkCupid: lillemay


  1. If you check his Twitter page it seems as though he had a daughter about 16 months ago with someone called Briana. I wonder if it was his own child he was doing these things too.

  2. I know him and yes it was his daughter

  3. This motherfucker should be raped in the ass with a louisville slugger and then fucking shot! Fucked up I tell ya!!!!

  4. I know she got up there and lied. What was she doing on a site anyway talking to guys at 16? Parents should have had her under control. I know her and she is a slut.. sending people pictures of her body to guys to make them mad. She lied about her age, not the other way around. Why would he order alcohol if he told her he was 18? People put the pieces together this girl should be taken into custody for the lies she has spread. Especially in a courtroom.

  5. Don't worry, awful things will be done to him in prison. And honestly I can't wait. I know him personally, as well as his baby's mother. It's fucking sick and I hate saying that I've ever hung out, or even been around him. JUSTICE FOR BABY EMMA <3

  6. I new him i use to camp with him all the time and i would have nrver thoughtyou were this sick andy (gaylord) thats what he use to call him. I and sick. You well never last in there.


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