Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Perv Files: Teacher Joseph Chanecka Sentenced

Tuscon, Arizona---- Joseph A. Chanecka, a 4th grade teacher at Van Buskirk Elementary, has been sentenced to 7.5 years in prison for amassing 90,000 plus images of child pornography.

Chanecka, 44, had taught at the Tuscon Unified School District since 2004, and had been the after-school program coordinator for three years. Authorities were tipped off to his illegal collection in May of this year.

The father of three, which includes a newborn with his fiancee, threw himself at the mercy of the court stating that he was "extremely sorry" for his "foolish behavior". Foolish? Obscene, foul, loathsome or abominable would be more applicable, considering the years Chanecka invested in the continuous exploitation of children.

A doctor who evaluated Chanecka said isn't likely to re-offend. Yeah, someone who has the compulsion to collect close to 100,000 kiddie porn images will never have the urge to look at that stuff again.

After serving his measly sentence, Chanecka with be on lifetime probation.


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