Tuesday, November 15, 2011

University Cop, James E. Deford, Busted For Child Porn

Richmond, VA ---- A Virginia Commonwealth University Police Sergeant has been arrested and charged with the distribution of child pornography.

James "Jim" Deford, 35, was arrested after an investigation by the FBI. At this time he is charged with two felony counts.

VCU has suspended Sgt. Deford and is cooperating with the investigation. Students are rightfully appalled.

Deford worked for Virginia State Police from 1999 to 2004.

Deford goes by "Drone Master" on his MySpace.

Deford has a public Facebook1 & Facebook2, which, generally speaking, is extremely stupid for a cop and/or a perv. Ego much?

Sgt. Deford apparently loves media attention, well probably not so much now, and can be found online by searching "Jim Deford" and "VCU" together, or "James Deford" and "Virginia State Police". Video here.

Photos: muggin' for the media, mug shot and Facebook

The Other Side of the Law: http://issuu.com/thecommonwealthtimes/docs/11_17_11

Gotcha! Richmond Facebook


  1. That's my brother your talking about and if since you are without sin i guess you can cast the first stone

  2. My sympathies to you for having a brother that is "allegedly" into kids.

  3. Steve, is that you?


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