Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Juggalo McCabe Donovan Throws 9-month-old

KENTUCKY---- A 23-year-old Louisville man has been charged with assault and criminal abuse of a child.

McCabe Donovan, formerly from Ohio, is a self professed family member of the Juggalo family. FBI has classified Juggalos to be a criminal gang.

Donovan had been arguing with the mother of a crying nine-month-old boy. After twisting her arm behind her, he reportedly grabbed the baby by the mouth and threw him at his mother.

When the police arrived, they observed Donovan pull the baby's face hard against his chest risking suffocation to stifle his screams. Unknown at this time if the baby is his son.

Donovan was immediately arrested. He' now down with the clown in Louisville Metro Corrections.




  1. gabrelle lynn orgeronApril 1, 2012 at 10:51 PM

    im a juggalette, there is no and i mean no reason to involve my family in this at all. i support the family 100%. this one guy did something wrong and they plaster juggalo on it and all of a sudden its bad to be part of the family. thats bs. simple. juggalette for life

    ~gabrielle lynn juggalette~

    1. Oh please. This is far from the first time a member of the "family" has acted in a manner deserving of being culled from humanity. I understand looking for a sense of support and belonging, but yes, there are as many reasons NOT to be a member as there are to be a member.

  2. Yeah, it is much better to be known as a member of a criminal gang who paints their faces like clowns.


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