Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ryan Brunn Arrested For Rape Murder Of Jorelys Rivera

Canton, Georgia------ A suspect has been arrested for the abduction, rape and murder of 7-year-old Jorelys Rivera.

Ryan Brunn, 20, is a maintenance worker who was employed and living at the same apartment complex as the victim.

Police are confident in his arrest, as a lot of evidence was recovered and Brunn had keys to the empty apartment where little Jorelys was killed, and to the trash compactor bin where her body was discovered.

Brunn is being changed with her murder. Georgia is a death penalty state. If anyone ever deserved the DP, it is the killer of innocent little Jorelys. Do the right thing Georgia.

Brunn has a MySpace and (cached) Facebook.

"Hello! I'm Ryan I live in Canton GA I have a wonderful Life/Family/Friends. Im very outgoing not shy at all so if ya wanna get to no me hit me up. :-)"


  1. I find that the parents of this little should be held also responsible for not supervising her activities in an apartment complex. Children even at 7 years of age need supervising, especially little girls. Just because she was seven, does not mean they can defend themselves.
    perhaps the parents thought that the 7 year old girl was mature and no one in the family wanted to watch her. There have been thousands of cases of children un attended with severe consequenses. this is nothing new, there parents should have known by now that it is not SAFE to leave unattended children alone. May God be with this little, I pray for her. than you.

  2. I disagree, Raymon. Giving the government a green light to start parenting the parents is a slippery slope that can lead to ugly places. It's an overreaction that doesn't quite match up to the problem. What were the parents supposed to do? Hover over the girl every moment of every second of every day? God forbid people have any faith in humanity and loosen up and figure their kids will be fine. And most of the time, that's the case. There's a some sick people out there but they're a tiny percentage of the population, and I'd rather take my chances with them than an overreaching government.

    Once the government can start taking kids, they might choose to, even for trivial reasons. And then they'll be even more likely to be abused by the state. And then who will help them? Beware of those who lament "Won't someone think of the children"...because that person wants to empower the biggest rapist, the biggest murderer and all around biggest criminal in history: Big Government.

    This is a terrible story, and even if it only happened twice a year it would still be happening more than it should. But people like to sensationalize, even if they truly believe it's in the public's best interest, in order to make you believe that every other person you see is out to kidnap and rape kids when that's not the case at all. You can blow anything out of proportion. Go to a Nazi site and they can make you believe that the Jews run the world, or go to a Black Panther site and they'll have you believing blacks are being lynched every day by the KKK when it hasn't even happened in decades.

    This blogger is a doom and gloomer. And watch, they'll say something stupid like "you don't care for the wellbeing of children, do you?" or "you just have a problem with government for no reason". To that I say BS, I do care about the wellbeing of kids but it's not mine or anyone else's place to tell other people how to raise their kids. The only time to step in is when there's proof some type of abuse is going on, but it better be proven without a shadow of a doubt. And about government...yeah, guilty as charged. I read History books so I call a snake a snake. Keep in mind that governments are made up of politicians. Nuff said.

  3. OMG really hold the parents responsible for allowing a child to play outside with her friends. While a MONSTER hunts her and murders her. I live in GA and for this monster to describe how he lured her by taking a picture of her skate, then force her to take off her clothes and then tie her up, and slit her throat because he was afraid she would tell on him. Leave her and come back to beat her with the skate because she wasn't dead yet. Throw her body away, help with the search and then WRITE A NOTE ON A MCDONALDS RECEIPT TO SAY WHERE HER BODY WAS...And the parents are responsible for this. The blogger is over sensationalizing the story. People searched for this little girl for days...Every other person does not rape and kill kids but ONE is too many.

  4. This worthless sack of shit killed himself in his cell.

  5. parents do need to be held accountable to a certain degree
    .. yes we all want to believe that we can let our children play on our front lawns unattended but the reality is we cant we do need to as parents keep checking in on them every so often. even when you have small children playing together in your home you need to be checking kids can get themselves into any kind of situation and we as adults people who choose to have them are obligated to protect them . and this horrible act im assuming must have taken at least 30mins and thats on the short side .. and in 30 mins a mother didnt just peek out the window to see her daughter .. thats careless because we know in this time you can trust no one and you should assume people will do the worst .. its sad but thats one thing society has proven over and over again people can be evil and if your caught off guard you can pay the price. ryan brunn is a sick disturbed man and didnt deserve life .. but theres more out there just like him watch yourself and your children


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