Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Joshua Greenwald Pleads Not Guilty

Federal agents in the state of Wisconsin could put a 24-year-old former Alaska man behind bars some 300 years in prison following his arrest sometime last year.

The suspect, Joshua Greenwald, has since plead not guilty:

From archived article"Grunewald admitted to using a roommate's computer to visit gay pornography sites and eventually admitted to watching videos of children between the ages of 3- and 14-years-old [DOJ PDF found here] in sexual scenes."

A then profile of Greenwald several years ago still yet remains over on Facebook @ joshuaalexandergrunewald and on MySpace last updated some time ago.

Arrested In Parent's Home: Orville Bullitt Held On Mutli-Million Dollar Bond

Fatty bares full skin in not-so hot photo shoot:

A local judge in the state of Florida refused to lower a nearly $2 million dollar bond for a middle age man who was arrested at his mother's home earlier this month on various child pornography charges.

Orville "Guy" Bullitt, 45, was taken into custody after 144 pictures where found on a personal computer belonging to the suspect, whom (according to a various reports) during several decades prior had previously been convicted of molesting a child.

Bullitt, who often goes by the alias or username of "DrWhoMI"; can also be linked to facebook, twitter and fubar as well.

An NBC affiliate in Miami suspects Orville might have even used himself to create either videos or pictures of local children to post on the Internet.

Richard Knott Jr. Jailed On Kiddy Porn Charges

Suspect remains jailed:

Following a 3-month long police investigation a twenty-something Nebraska man has been arrested and charged with child pornography.

Richard Knott Jr., of Minatare, was taken into custody following a warrant that had been served at his small residence; where police confiscated both electronic equipment and computers.

On his above MySpace, Mr. Knott's writes the following:

"Im a third degree black belt in MMA. I love to fight, Race, and work on cars. Im of Irish decent. Im also of royal decent as well. Im a fun, kind, and caring person."

He also reports to be a 24-year-old single man who enjoys both the long cancelled series 'Knight Rider' and the art of karate.

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