Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Child Molester Rickey Rowlett Gets Pen Pals From 4th Grade Class

The parents of two students at a Christian school in Houston are now suing the school for allowing a 4th grade class to be pen-pals with a convicted child molester.

The man the students had been writing to was Rickey Rea Rowlett of New Braunfels, who was convicted in March of repeatedly sexually assaulting a young girl for a period of over 3 years.

The teacher, Laura Perry, who taught the class at Trinity Lutheran Church and School, reportedly told the students Rowlett had been wrongly accused.

Perry is a family friend of Rowlett and her father even testified as a character witness for him, according to the Houston Chronicle.

As you can imagine Perry was let go and the principal who approved of the project, Amy Boatman, is currently on leave pending an investigation.

As odd as this story is, Laura Perry's own husband, Blake Perry, has also been charged with possessing and promoting child pornography in a separate case.

Court documents on Mr. Perry can be found online here and here.

The parents lawsuit accuses the school of negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, vicarious liability and inflicting emotional distress.


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