Sunday, April 29, 2012

Facebook Log III:

Yet another quick snippet of various articles via the web relating to Facebook and/or individuals belonging to the popular social networking website who have recently surfaced justly or unjustly via the news because of Facebook:

UK: Teen arrested after posting 'porn video' on Facebook.

Canada: Officials launch probe into 'Facebook harasser' leaving three teens dead.

Australia: Three men arrested for stealing penguins, bragged about on Facebook.
Australia: So-called 'Facebook Killer' granted leave to appeal.

Wisconsin: Mom enters teen brawl following Facebook video of daughter.
Wisconsin: Woman charged with selling phony Facebook stock.
Florida: Animal crutely charges following Facebook post about dead alligator and dog.
Georgia: Teen sues over Facebook bullying.
South Carolina: Teen charged following disturbing Facebook post.
California: Female street fight turns bloody in streets following Facebook post.
Indiana: Students sue school over Facebook comments.
California; Yahoo sues Facebook.
California: Facebook sues Yahoo.
California: Facebook owes Microsoft $500 for AOL patents.
Arizona: Facebook sued for 'virtual currency".
Wisconsin: Man chokes girlfriend following Facebook argument.
Virginia: Father fights Facebook over son's memorial page.
Missouri--Death of teen possible over Facebook dispute, report police.


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