Saturday, April 7, 2012

Log: Facebook Users Jailed...

Just a quick snippet of various Facebook users who recently surfaced justly or unjustly via the news because of Facebook:

...In the United States:

Georgia--Police say Facebook postings led to gunfire at a local Waffle House in Augusta.
Rhode Island--Basketball player post sex videos.
Arizona--Parents charged following upside-down duct tape child photo surfaces.
New Jersey--Man charged for sex abuse following Facebook threat.
Georgia--Facebook threats net jail time.
Ohio--Idiotic duo jailed after school shooting threats.
Louisiana--Idiotic duo jailed after school shooting threats.
Nebraska--Sex offender taken into custody after Facebook postings.
Tennessee--Facebook post leads to dumb fighting girls gang of 30.
Washington--Racially charged comments lead teen behind bars.

...And around the globe:

UK--Teen arrested after Facebook messages leaks to twitter.
Tunisia--Two Men jailed for 7 years after post of cartoons of Prophet Mohammed.
Canada--Woman placed behind bars following photo post.
Palestine--After posting derogatory comments of Country's president, woman arrested.
Egypt--Couple arrested for 'spouse swapping' account.


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