Saturday, May 5, 2012

Facebook Sex Offender Of The Day: Derek Reents

The "Sex Offender of the Day" is fictitiously brought to you by:

You: "Because you are you and not me and we're all completely different from all the other so-called pretenders posing as me and disguised as you."


Name of suspect: Derek Eldon Reents

Facebook Profile:

Reents was convicted in the state of Wyoming on sexual assault charges in 2007.

He was last seen in Casper driving a 1994 Ford Bronco and sporting Bono circa '97 glasses via the ever awesome PopMart tour more than a decade ago...

"I pick my nose and eat my boogers!", our ever awesome 'hero' wrote in the latest entry posted less than 24 hours ago on his above Facebook profile.

...And because all good Leprechaun actually do die under the rainbow; our sex offender 'friend' remains magically (and tragically) involved in some sort of strange idiotic 'relationship' courtesy of something resembling a block.

Who get's involved with a registered sex offender anyway???

Sucks to be...

Report this user/loser to Facebook now!

1 comment:

  1. You should know what your talking about before popping your gd mouth off
    Because your ignorance to this is huge
    If you knew the details off mr reents situations you wouldnt participate in the conv..


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