Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Facebook Sex Offender Of The Day: Kevin Welcher

Name of registered sex offender: Kevin Lee Welcher

Facebook profile:

Welcher is a 27-year-old registered sex offender currently residing in a small apartment in Hays, Kansas.

Almost six years ago now I originally outed Welcher as a RSO actively enjoying a then jubilant ever popular Myspace.

The subsequent account was then quickly deleted.

My nostalgic trip is linked (still yet) via the overly awesome imageevent.

Welcher, currently employed by Kentucky Fried Chicken, writes also as being engaged on his above Facebook account.

"My name is kdawg, I'm 27 now, working at both KFC and Hess. So about 70 hours a week. Still engaged to the best women in this world. *****"
Still continuing he writes:

"Liking rap music more then rock music at the moment. Still have both ears pierced and my la bret. No new tatoos. Looking to get welcher on the back of my left leg!"

Before enjoying both the once dominant MySpace and now Facebook, Welcher was convicted on sex crimes involving a child under the age of 14.

One wonders if the so-called "
best women in the world" in willing to risk her entire future for a heavily pierced convicted sex offender working at the local KFC?


  1. I think you have an unhealthy obsession with young sex offenders.

    In fact you may be contributing to future offenses by attempting to prevent them from having a normal relationship.

    I want you to think about that.

    1. Hammer of JusticeJune 10, 2012 at 4:16 AM

      Hi Mrs. Welcher.

    2. Actually, I have an "unhealthy obsession" with KFC, NOT people convicted of sex crimes against children.

      But your comment kinda makes sense then I guess, right?

    3. Are you an idiot or a perv lover? No, wait... don't answer that. The reason you are hearing about these pervs is because they are not having normal relationships. Normal just doesn't float their boats.

      The public needs to be warned about these predators. The jailed perv can have normal relationship with Big Bubba in cell block D.

  2. 1. Not Mrs. Welcher but if I was his mother I would hang you, not comment online.

    2. He was 18 and the under aged person was over 14, in most states that is legal.

    3. A 14, 15, 16 year old having a relationship with someone who is 18 is normal since they are all in high school or just graduated under a year ago.

    4. Sex offenders do not reoffend as often as people claim. It is less than for any other crime that lands you in prison. In fact it is 1/2 1/3 the rate. You people are so caught up in a media crazy you believe the numbers that anyone says are true but they are not.

    5. Because his picture is online, and he has a devoted stalker, yes you are a stalker at this point. I will prevent him from getting a good job and and forming normal human bonds with an appropriate aged partner, yes 4 year difference is appropriate. In fact you have damaged a human being in the process of maturing and that damages society as a whole. It creates an individual who is isolated from society and that sometimes leads to further criminal activity.

  3. How do we know the moron posting this blog isn't a sex offender too? He may be doing this push away suspicion on himself.
    As for getting the word out to the public, they already have a site for that. It's the ONLINE report of the Sex Offender Registry. The person(s) running this blog is just a stalker who can somehow hack, or is given, personal information on profiles of these sex offenders. That in of itself is VERY illegal and the bloggers and/or persons giving the info on these individuals should be getting fined up to $500,000 and 20 years in prison for.

    1. Hammer of JusticeJune 26, 2012 at 4:16 AM


    2. Look, there are sex offender registry sites out there already. You don't know what went on with their cases or what still may be going on. Maybe one day you might wrongly be accused of molesting a child. It happens all the time and you are hurting those cases, esp. the ones who have family and kids who still live with those persons you are posting up here. You are punishing their kids when they didn't do anything, plus they have to see their mom or dad up here. Like I said, there are wrongly accused ppl. Let me put it to you this way. The real person who molested the little girl 20+ years ago got away with it and someone else went to prison. Well, that real child molester ended up molesting my granddaughter and still is free (at the moment), and if you put up the innocent man's facebook before everything is settled and it will be(that guilty person will get his), than I will be looking for you.

  4. unless people know what really happened then they shouldn't be posting shit like this. people get accused of shit all the time and they dont do anything wrong. maybe you should find out the whole story before you sit and try to ruin someones life. he has been through enough shit and you dont need to be adding more stress and drama into his life!

    1. Hammer of JusticeMarch 29, 2013 at 2:59 AM

      He's a registered sex offender. I'm gonna guess that he added the stress and drama into his own life. amiright?

  5. WTF am I doing on this page? God dam frogging PEDOPHILES.


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