Monday, May 21, 2012

Fred Wilson Charged In Online Child Sex Sting

An Iowa man currently residing in Florida and lieutenant commander of a U.S. Coast Guard Miami unit has been arrested following an online child predator sting.

Frederick Joseph Wilson, 48, was apprehended by authorities following an undercover investigation involving chat rooms, message boards and would you believe Facebook?

Yup, yup.. detectives say Wilson contacted whom he believed to be a guardian of a boy, 12 and girl, 14 then later inquired about sex with either one or just the "son only", according to a report by the Long Key News.

Wilson is owner of the King George Pub & Restaurant (fake reviewers found here) and had been somewhat/something important once upon a time...

An organization founded in his name that purports itself as an 'outreach' program for the mind & time bending idioms of dkoms can also be found by clicking here.

Meanwhile, we're all left reading the wreck of the gentle giant residing in happy, happy land of blah, blah, blah sick sh*t of [p.c] dumb a** stuff...

A MySpace account belonging to the suspect also exist here.


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