Monday, June 18, 2012

Facebook Sex Offender Of The Day: Lleann Canaday

Name of registered sex offender: Lleann Elaine Canaday

Other known aliases:

Lleann Elane Canaday
Lleann Elaine Stofflet
Lleann Elane Stofflet

Facebook profile:

Lleann Canaday is our first female "Facebook Sex Offender of the Day" and second felon to reside from the state of Wyoming.

She was previously convicted of charges involving immoral and indecent acts with a minor in the small town of Wheatland.

In a rather strange turn of events, Canaday's deceased husband, Timothy C. Canaday was murdered in 2008 by Wayne “Bubba” Shook in a dispute involving a car engine.

Shook was later sentenced to 30 years in prison involving his death.

She later sued him in a civil suit, according to a report found online.

Prior to the event, the Wyoming Tribune Eagle noted that both Tim and Lleann Canady had previously been placed on the registry following a conviction of indecent acts with a child.

The age of the victim was never stated.

However, a court found that a sex act against a child did take place and that our above Facebook now 46-year-old felon was convicted of that crime.

And that's all that really matters that this point:

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