Thursday, June 7, 2012

Facebook Sex Offender Of The Day: Steven Koval

Name of registered sex offender: Steven Michael Joseph Koval

Facebook profile:

Our "Sex Offender of the Day" comes to us discourtesy yet again from the state of South Dakota.

Koval snuck in under the radar following a conviction earlier this year on manufacturing child pornography and other charges.

On his above Facebook profile, our so-called 'peon" low-leveled employee at Lowes writes:

"I'm laid back, simply spartan and love young, vibrant, playful and childish women because I find getting old banal completely."
He continues:

"I absolutely love music and admire musician girls...animals and children almost more than grown up people. They just think in awesome ways and say the greatest things."
He's also a 'thinker' and debater that enjoys the trio of cuddling, art & volleyball.

Koval also recently celebrated his 32nd birthday earlier this year..

Report this user/loser to Facebook now!


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